ActiveVideo Demo's CloudTV Platform, Home Media Server at CableLabs Summer Conference

Cloud-based interactive TV specialist, ActiveVideo Networks, has announced its exhibit line-up for the CableLabs Summer Conference, which is underway this week (August 15th-18th) in Keystone, CO. According to the company, its demo's at the event will illustrate how the principles of cloud-based processing can enable operators to provide their customers with enhanced content distribution both to and within the home.

ActiveVideo says that it will show how its flagship CloudTV platform can enable a "seamless" environment in which any content--including linear TV, VOD, TV Everywhere programming, user-generated and Web video, and interactive TV--can be combined into a single experience that can be navigated in an intuitive, "Web-style" manner. According to the company, its CloudTV exhibit will feature a broad range of services that can be powered from the network, including Web-style personal and social TV applications; Web-based interactivity that enhances EBIF capabilities; innovative interactive TV games (note: the company--which earlier this year acquired its long-time partner, ITV games specialist TAG Networks--says that it will share field results that "confirm the power of games as a driver of usage"); and advanced VOD advertising integration.

During the Summer Conference's Innovation Showcase, which was held on the event's opening day, ActiveVideo also demo'd its next-generation Home Media Server, which it says uses the principles of cloud-based services to efficiently and cost-effectively enable media from virtually any source to be viewed on any device within the home. According to the company, the demo showed a prototype of its next-generation gateway using advanced transcoding, processing and stitching to deliver personalized interactive multimedia experiences, via compressed video streams, to a range of set-top boxes, PC's and mobile devices equipped with only a thin client. The company says that the demo showcased how new algorithms for compositing and stitching video can be combined with the key components of a network-based architecture, in order to allow viewers seamless access on any device to a wide variety of content, including photo-sharing, music libraries, personal videos, multi-room DVR functionality, and on-demand, Web and linear video. Among other things, the company says, the demo showed how a photo taken with an iPhone could be uploaded to a gateway, and then viewed using a photo navigation application generated on the gateway and displayed on any networked device. "Whether the processing takes place in the network or in the home, advances in transcoding, stitching and processing of video are able to dramatically change the way consumers access and view content," ActiveVideo CTO, John Callahan, said in a prepared statement. "By leveraging the principles of the cloud in conjunction with EBIF specifications and the devices that already are in the subscriber's home, we can provide efficient, unified media experiences without the need for more costly, resource-intensive client software...nor new hardware to run it."

ActiveVideo bills its CloudTV platform as utilizing existing VOD infrastructures or broadband connections to increase subscriber value for cable operators and programmers. According to the company, the platform uses existing Web content development technologies to enable operators, traditional and Web programmers and advertisers to write rich interactive content once that can be delivered uniformly to any digital set-top box, CI+-enabled TV set or broadband-connected CE device.

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