New "Jet Set" Column Features Chris Warner, Co-Founder of Dark Horse Comics

--Column Explores Parallels between the Rapidly Changing Comics Industry and the Broader World of Entertainment

[itvt] has just published the LATEST EDITION of our new regular column, "Jet Set," which is authored by Brian David Johnson, consumer experience architect at Intel Corp. "Jet Set" explores the future of TV through the prism of the places, people and conversations that Johnson experiences as he goes on a global tour for his new book, Screen Future.

This edition of Jet Set sees Johnson interviewing Chris Warner--senior editor of Dark Horse Comics, the largest US comic book and Manga publisher--about the changing nature of the comics industry. "Chatting with Chris," Johnson writes, "I could see the parallel between the changes in the comics industry and what's happening in the broader world of entertainment. Old business models are changing. In the future, people may not make money in the same way they did 10 to 20 years ago. Consumers aren't buying comics like they used to, but that doesn't mean that comics are dying. It just means that the comics industry will make money in different ways. The tricky part for everyone across all industries (TV, movies, games, advertising, service provider, technology, etc.) is to realize that how you made money originally may not be the way you make money in the future."

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