News Round-Up (VI): Showtime, Tvinci, PeerTV, Two Way Limited

--Showtime Launches Alternate Reality Game for "Dexter"
--Tvinci Teams with PeerTV to Enable "Pay-OTT" on Set-Top Boxes
--Australian Interactive TV Company, Two Way Limited, Reports "Strongest" Results

Due to the large volume of interactive TV-related news generated over the past few days, we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format. Our regular news coverage will return shortly.

  • Showtime Digital Media has announced an alternate reality game (ARG) to promote the season five premiere of its serial killer-themed original series, "Dexter." The game, which is produced in partnership with Boston-based agency, Modernista!, was originally unveiled at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con: "Comprised of two main sites ( and, a weekly digest (, and numerous microsites, the action will take place across the Web and on mobile, leading up to the season premiere of 'Dexter' on Sunday, September 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT," Showtime states in its press materials (which appear to be in need of some editing). "The alternate reality game will unfold online, leading up to 'Dexter's' September premiere, as players work together online to bring down a suspected serial killer. The story follows the trail of a serial killer dubbed 'The Infinity Killer,' and the crowdsourcing crime-solver, Dee 'Serial Huntress' Pratt, hot on his trail. At Comic-Con, fans visited a crime scene littered with mysterious clues that led them to 'The Serial Huntress,' a fictional ex-FBI agent by the name of Dee Pratt. The Serial Huntress uses crowdsourcing techniques (via her Web site, as tools to hunt and apprehend serial killers. The Huntress and her crime-solving followers communicate through discussion boards and an ongoing video blog. 'Dexter' fans went on to discover the connection between the so-called 'Infinity Killer,' the crime scene found at Comic-Con and an online service, Sleep Superbly, whose website ( features dream optimization 'therapy' sessions. Players online found video sessions of a customer called 'F8' that, while not confessional in nature, are filled with enough incriminating clues to seemingly connect him with the reported murder."
  • Tvinci, a Tel Aviv-based company which earlier this year announced that it had developed a "complete, end-to-end 'pay-OTT' video platform" (see the article published on, May 24th), has announced that it has partnered with set-top box company, PeerTV, in order to enable paid video platforms to be launched on the latter's set-top boxes. The companies plan to demo their joint solution in their booths (Tvinci: IP411/5.B09a; PeerTV: 5.B09h) at the IBC in Amsterdam next month, and say that they will showcase how the solution works consistently across TV's, PC's and mobiles. "Tvinci's complete end-to-end platform is based on its MediaHub (backend) and MediaStore (frontend) systems which are designed to fit any cross-device OTT requirements," the company states in its press materials. "Tvinci MediaHub is the core of Tvinci's platform, used for the management of video content, business rules and users on any Internet device. Tvinci MediaStore is the consumer interface for the platform, designed around a set of API's used in order to create storefronts on multiple connected devices." Said Tvinci co-founder, Ido Wiesenberg: "This partnership with PeerTV strengthens our commitment to enabling pay-OTT video content to be delivered across a range of Internet-enabled devices, building on our success in Web and mobile to provide a consistent consumption experience across any screen, managed by a single Tvinci platform. We see the living room screen as the main driving force behind the monetization of OTT video. We look forward to developing this partnership and others to extend our capability to offer our customers a true end-to-end service on a set-top box, as well as a Web portal or mobile device."
  • Australian interactive TV company, Two Way Limited, has released its financial results for the 12 months ended June 30th. According to the company, the results are the strongest recorded in its history: Revenues totaled AUS$1.7 million, compared to AUS$1.5 million for the prior year (i.e. representing a 16% improvement); while net losses totaled AUS$3.1 million, compared to AUS$5.1 million for the prior year (i.e. representing a 41% improvement).


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