Gravitas Ventures in VOD Measurement Deal with Rentrak

Multiscreen media measurement and research company, Rentrak, said Monday that it has signed an agreement to provide VOD content aggregator, Gravitas Ventures (note: the latter--whose content line-up includes feature films, documentaries, animation, alternative sports, wrestling, mixed martial arts, and comedy and concert programming--says that it will distribute over 350 titles this year), with advanced measurement services through its OnDemand Essentials tracking and measurement service. According to the company, OnDemand Essentials will enable Gravitas Ventures to measure and report VOD transactions for feature films and event presentations that it packages and distributes to its cable, satellite and telco customers. "As we launch our latest programming package, Documentaries on Demand, on September 1st, Gravitas recognizes that in order to better manage our expanding portfolio of movies and event content, it is critical to have timely, actionable performance data for the titles we manage and schedule," Gravitas's SVP of business affairs, Michael Murphy, said in a prepared statement. "As the industry leader in measuring the video-on-demand platform, Rentrak's OnDemand Essentials service allows us to accurately track the performance of Gravitas-packaged content in an increasingly competitive marketplace."

Rentrak bills OnDemand Essentials as providing operators, content providers and advertisers with a transactional tracking and reporting system for analyzing VOD content. According to the company, customers of the service have password-protected, near-real-time, browser-based 24/7 access to VOD consumer usage data at various access levels, based on business and privacy rules. A toolset aggregates and reports data across multiple vendors in "one easy-to-use report system," the company says, allowing clients to instantly analyze and interpret their own business data to identify trends and program and promote their services more effectively. "Rentrak's OnDemand Essentials will enable Gravitas Ventures to generate accurate and timely reporting of how its feature films are faring across the different on-demand channel viewpoints," Carol Hinnant, SVP of national network sales for Rentrak's Advanced Media and Information division, said in a prepared statement. "This valuable data will also provide Gravitas Ventures with insights key to future content acquisitions and package distribution scheduling."

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