justAd.TV to Unveil Technology that Lets Operators Run Internet-Style Ads on Non-Linear TV

--Technology Is Targeted at Cable, Satellite and IPTV Operators and HbbTV Broadcasters

Israeli interactive TV advertising company, justAd.TV, contacted [itvt] Tuesday to let us know about its exhibit plans (Booth 5.B09s) for the IBC. The company, which is appearing at the show for the first time, says that it will launch a complete TV advertising system that is designed to enable cable, satellite and IPTV operators and HbbTV broadcasters to apply "Internet-style" advertising to non-linear entertainment services, such as VOD and DVR-recorded content. The system has already been deployed by Italian IPTV operator, Fastweb (see the article published on itvt.com, June 25th). "Today's TV viewers want more control and the technologies are there to enable entertainment on-demand," justAd.TV CEO, Yariv Erel, said in a prepared statement. "At justAd.TV we are embracing the shift from linear to non-linear TV and enabling advertisers to integrate with the TV show, so that the viewing time of each program is not prolonged. Our current data shows a significant gain in customer purchases following the viewing of our non-linear TV ads. By serving ads when viewers are engaged and can interact, we are far more effective than the legacy 30-second spot."

According to justAd.TV, its IBC exhibit will showcase a number of advertising formats and business models that bring the interactivity and targeting of Internet advertising to non-linear TV. Examples listed by the company include 1) serving ads when the viewer pauses, fast-forwards or rewinds a VOD program; and 2) TV ad selectors, where the viewer is provided with free movies and other VOD offerings that are paid for by advertising suited to their personal requirements. justAd.TV says that recent consumer trials that it conducted determined that consumer behavior towards on-demand entertainment enables these new advertising formats because viewers use the pause or fast-forward button at least once in every VOD session, with an average pause lasting over two minutes, and fast-forward and rewind taking on average 13 and seven seconds respectively. Moreover, the company claims, the trials showed that consumers prefer its new ad formats and, as a result, are less likely to skip ads that are based on them. "We are very pleased to be exhibiting at this year's IBC and are excited about demonstrating our solution publicly for the first time," Erel continued. "We know we can help TV service providers to monetize content located in VOD libraries and compensate for PVR ad-skipping--two problems that are set to be a big focus at this year's IBC."

According to justAd.TV, Fastweb's deployment of its technology allows it to run Internet advertising campaigns on its set-top boxes: banners are displayed on the TV screen when the viewer pauses or fast-forwards the video, without interrupting the viewing experience, the company says. According to the company, its technology allows Italian advertisers to have a single advertising campaign for both Internet and TV audiences.