Overlay.TV Integrates with MarketLive to Power Interactive Video Commerce for Armani/Exchange

--Overlay.TV Is Also Powering Interactive Video Commerce for JCPenney

Interactive video commerce specialist, Overlay.TV, said Tuesday that fashion company, Armani/Exchange, has implemented its clickable video technology on its ecommerce Web site (note: Armani/Exchange also recently launched an interactive video project with Clikthrough--see the article published on itvt.com, June 25th). The site, which was built on MarketLive's Intelligent Commerce Platform, uses Overlay.TV's video commerce solution in its "How to Wear It" section, which provides video style advice and trend tips. According to Overlay.TV, the section's new interactive video feature is completely integrated with the MarketLive platform and supports social sharing,. It allows each item of clothing showcased in a video to be overlaid with a clickable hotspot that lets viewers access more information about it, or to purchase it directly, the company says.

Overlay.TV claims that its social sharing-enabled, clickable video technology is a natural fit for Armani/Exchange, as the latter's core Generation Y demographic is already highly engaged with online video and social media. "Shopping online and offline is still very much a 'social experience,' so giving our customers a chance to see new trends, get style tips from industry experts, and share this with their friends is an easy and natural extension of their online behavior," Armani/Exchange SVP and brand director, Patrick Doddy, said in a prepared statement. "It's important to us to evolve our site to meet the expectations of our demographic. Our online marketing and merchandising tools must be easy to use, work with our target customer base, and be flexible and effective, and it must be fully integrated with the MarketLive platform. The ability for us to get to market quickly and without managing multiple tools was a big advantage for us." Added Overlay.TV CEO, Rob Lane: "There's no question that clickable video is going to be one of the strongest forces in ecommerce in the coming years. Making content that's compelling, clickable and sharable moves online video down the funnel from marketing to direct sales, with measurable benefits at each stage."

According to Overlay.TV, as it continues to grow its customer base, native integrations with ecommerce platforms such as MarketLive will continue, so as to reduce the barrier to entry for retailers looking to make the move to interactive video.

In other Overlay.TV news: The company revealed via Twitter, Tuesday, that it is also powering an interactive video commerce experience for JCPenney's "MNG by Mango" clothing line. The video can be viewed here.

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