Canwest Broadcasting's Showcase Launches "Interactive Motion Comic" for New Series, "Lost Girl"

--Animated Comic Lets Users Choose their Own Adventure

Showcase, a channel operated by Canwest Broadcasting, contacted [itvt] Tuesday to let us know that it has teamed with Bedlam Games and Prodigy Pictures to develop an "interactive motion comic" to anchor a fan site that the companies have launched for the upcoming supernatural series, "Lost Girl" (note: in addition to the animated interactive comic, the site--located at, and billed as providing users with "an all-access pass to additional narrative and behind-the-scenes content"--features exclusive video content, downloads, an episode guide, cast biographies, character back-stories, games and fan forums).

The first episode of "Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic" debuted on the site this week: there will be six approximately four-minute episodes in total, designed to serve as a prequel to the new series. Showcase bills the interactive comic as putting the fan in the director's chair, allowing them to choose their own adventure. According to the broadcaster's press materials, viewers of the interactive comic "are introduced to the heroine of 'Lost Girl,' a succubus named Bo, and, in the first installment, are taken through a day-in-her-life where the fan gets to decide the outcomes of Bo's dark impulses, among other situations featuring secondary characters." The "Lost Girl" Web site explains to visitors how they can interact with the comic as follows: "As it plays out, you will be given choices: parts of the scene will 'glow' when you run your cursor over them, showing you opportunities for you to interact with the scene and its characters, and discover parts of the story that would otherwise remain hidden. Look through Detective Dyson's cluttered desk for clues or go head to head with an MMA fighter."

According to Canwest Broadcasting's director of online content, Chris Harris, the "Lost Girl" interactive motion comic and Web site are part of an ongoing strategy to "develop first-rate online extensions of our hit series."

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