Justin.tv Launches Live Broadcasting App for Android Smartphones

Justin.tv on Android

In a posting on its corporate blog Wednesday, Justin.tv, a San Francisco-based company that bills itself as "the largest online community for people to broadcast, watch and interact around live video," announced that it has launched a live broadcasting app for the Android platform (note: the company previously launched an iPhone app that allows users to receive broadcasts from its service; it plans to roll out a live broadcasting app for the iPhone in the near future). According to the company's blog post, it believes that "the mobile space is the biggest opportunity in live video, and that being tethered to a computer has held a lot of people back."

Key features of the new Android app, according to Justin.tv, include:

  • Efficient hardware encoding that allows high-quality video while maximizing battery life. "We optimize the video for 3G or WiFi and constantly adjust quality as you move around to keep the video smooth," the company states on its blog. "The results are crystal clear when compared with any other apps available, Justin.tv's video is best because that's what you've told us you care about."
  • Easy sharing via Facebook and Twitter. "First, you can set up all your sharing from within the app, no need to visit us in a browser if you don't want to," the company states. "Then, you can choose to autoshare--post a link every time you go live--or manually share on a case-by-case basis. Facebook and Twitter have become incredible tools for connecting with friends and family to share what you're doing. We built them into Justin.tv for Android from the beginning, so they work the way you want without any hassle. If someone clicks your link when you're live we'll take them right to your broadcast; if you've already finished, we'll take them straight to an archived version available forever."
  • The ability to interact live from within the app with viewers of one's broadcast.
  • A simple user experience. "Want to go live? Tap the big red button. That's it," the company states. "Once you're signed into your account, a live broadcast is one tap away. If you don't have an account yet, set one up right inside the app. Today, when something cool happens, you probably reach for your phone to record it and then upload to Facebook or YouTube. We've turned two steps into one. Just start your broadcast and we'll handle the rest. As soon as you're live on Justin.tv, anyone can watch and chat live, no extra work needed."


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