SnapTV to Launch Browser-Based UI for Fast Deployment of Interactive IPTV Services

SnapTV--an Oslo-based company that bills itself as providing customized, turnkey IPTV, VOD, PVR and OTT systems for small and medium-sized ISP's, residential and commercial buildings and the hospitality and healthcare spaces--contacted [itvt] Tuesday to let us know that it plans to launch a turnkey, browser-based user interface at IBC which it claims will bring IPTV services to market in record time.

Dubbed, the new interface application is billed by the company as giving authorized PC users immediate access to an EPG, multicast TV and radio channels, VOD and various other digital assets via a Web portal. The software can be branded and customized according to an operator's graphics requirements and service offerings, the company says, and delivers high-quality video playback based on the open source VLC browser plug-in. The company says that content is navigated via an intuitive scrollable channel carousel, and can be shown full-screen or windowed within a browser skin.

In addition to the main categorized menu of sports, movies, news and the like, SnapTV says, a side navigation panel offers simple filtering of channel listings based on the customer's own usage. According to the company, an advanced filter that includes results from social networks can also be included if its service is enabled. For example, the company says, can present consumers with search results for YouTube content or Twitter messages related to the channel and show they are currently viewing, or filter channels to reflect the preferences of their Facebook friends. Other options, according to the company, include a series of pre-formatted horizontal and vertical panels for displaying advertising panels, marketing materials, Web-based content, local events or other information. In addition, the company says, operators can access a separate Web site to monitor live channel usage statistics for the past 24 hours. "As the leading supplier of IPTV systems to hotels, ships and hospitals from a few dozen beds to larger IPTV operations with tens of thousands of subscribers, we have first-hand experience of both the importance and complexity of a successful user interface," SnapTV SVP, Kenneth Torp, said in a prepared statement. "With we have distilled this know-how into a fully integrated, ready-to-go system to help small and medium size network operators offer advanced state-of-the art TV services--including live TV, live radio, HDTV, an EPG, program recording, movie rental and more--without re-inventing the wheel."

SnapTV says it will demo at the IBC (booth IP571), alongside its latest IPTV-based interactive TV headend systems for large-scale multi-lingual deployments for the leisure, maritime and institutional markets.

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