News Round-Up (I): Amino, MeeGo, bmcoforum, Bravo

--Amino Demo's Custom Hybrid-TV UI, Based on MeeGo Open Source Operating System
--bmcoforum Seeks to Enable "Seamless Consumption" of TV on TV Sets, Mobiles and PC's
--Bravo Organizing Social TV Event for "Top Chef" Finale

Due to the huge volume of interactive TV-related news generated over the past few days by the IBC, we are covering stories in this issue in round-up format. We anticipate that it will take a few more days for us to catch up with all the recent news: so if your company has sent us a press release or briefed us on an announcement, and you don't yet see your news covered in this issue, please bear with us. Our regular news coverage will return shortly.

  • During a keynote at the Intel Developer Forum, Tuesday, IP set-top box company, Amino Communications, demo'd an implementation of the MeeGo operating system running on its Intel CE4100-powered Amino Freedom set-top (note: MeeGo is a Linux-based open source OS resulting from the merger of the Moblin project and Nokia Maemo software). The implementation features a custom interface which Amino designed in-house, and a screenshot of which can be seen here. "Chief technology officer Dominique Le Foll joined Renee J. James, senior vice president and general manager, Software and Services Group at Intel on stage during James' keynote at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco," Amino states in its press materials. "Le Foll described how, utilizing the MeeGo solution, Amino was able to bring a new kind of entertainment device to market in a very short time frame--and secure an initial contract with a major Western European tier one operator. Le Foll also demonstrated the award-winning Freedom hybrid/OTT media center which can deliver high-value encrypted broadcast TV services on an open platform. This allows operators to deliver on a single device Internet-delivered TV, applications on-demand, gaming--on top of traditional broadcast services and video-on-demand." Said Le Foll: "Time-to-market is critical in the entertainment market. By choosing the MeeGo open source platform and the Intel Atom processor, we were able to reduce our software development threefold. MeeGo packaging and full alignment with the upstream Linux kernel has enabled us to activate the security features required for television without having to close the platform to external applications. This means the Amino Freedom can combine both traditional encrypted broadcast TV with open Internet access and applications on a single platform."
  • At the IBC in Amsterdam last week, Alcatel-Lucent, KPN, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks and Sofia Digital announced that they are collaborating on an initiative called the bmcoforum that seeks to enable seamless consumption of TV and other video on TV sets, mobile devices and computers. The companies say that they are identifying necessary standard enablers and profiling them for common industry recommendation. "Consumers want to watch TV and videos on any screen, anytime, anywhere not tied to a device brand or a service provider," the companies state in their press materials. "Agreeing common standard enablers between service and equipment providers is increasingly important to ensure the consumer gets the best experience possible. The showcases [at the IBC] are: 1) consume live, on-demand and stored content directly on connected TV's, PC's or mobile devices; 2) search, select and control consumption with the mobile device; 3) browse electronic program guide (EPG) on mobile and switch channels on TV; 4) consume video-on-demand content, set and view recordings with network personal video recorder (nPVR); 5) push in content to device storage as a background download to improve mobile user experience."
  • Bravo has announced plans to host one of its "Talk Bubble" live social TV events around tonight's (September 15th) finale of "Top Chef DC." "Fans can join host Padma Lakshmi and judges Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons and Eric Ripert, along with a number of current and past chef'testants--Bryan Voltaggio, Kevin Sbraga, Ed Cotton, Kevin Gillespie and Kelly Liken--who will all join live to tweet during the finale episode," Bravo states in its press materials. "Bravo will be hosting the live event from the exclusive 'Top Chef' finale party at Colicchio's Craft restaurant in New York City, sharing behind-the-scenes information including pictures, comments and most importantly, what the chefs are eating! The Talk Bubble will be sponsored by Synder's...Fans can join online at, on their mobile devices at, or by texting Text PARTY to 27286. The 'Top Chef' Talk Bubble will also be available on the Bravo Now app on iPads and iPhones by going to iTunes and downloading the application at


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