News Round-Up (V): Logitech, Google TV, DISH Network, Move Networks, Netgem, Toshiba

--Report: Logitech's Google TV Device to Launch September 29th, Will Be Discounted for DISH Subs
--Move Networks Awarded Adaptive Streaming Patent
--Netgem Enables Access to Toshiba's Connected-TV Portal on Any TV Set

Due to the large volume of interactive TV-related news generated over the past few days, we are covering stories in this issue in round-up format. Our regular news coverage will return shortly.

  • Logitech's Google TV set-top box, the Logitech Revue, will launch on September 29th with an MSRP of $299, according to a report in Engadget that cites an "industrious tipster." However, Engadget's report continues, DISH Network subscribers will be able to purchase the device for just $179.
  • Rumors of the demise of Move Networks (see the article published on, June 30th), the broadband video company that pioneered adaptive bitrate streaming, appear to have been greatly exaggerated: The company announced last week that its application for "a fundamental patent on adaptive streaming" has been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). "Move's adaptive streaming was the breakthrough invention which proved that primetime television programming and professional long-form video can be reliably delivered over the Internet at the high-resolution quality that is intended--despite the unreliable network conditions typically present on the Internet," Move Networks founder, Drew Major, whom the company describes as "the inventor of adaptive streaming," said in a prepared statement. "Following our market introduction in 2006, practically every major online video provider--including Akamai, Apple, Adobe, Limelight, Microsoft, Netflix, Widevine and several others--has deployed an adaptive bitrate architecture inspired by our invention. We are pleased to see that the USPTO has recognized our technical achievements that make quality IP video delivery a reality. We look forward to continuing our efforts to further the boundaries with similar ongoing technology innovation." According to Move, its new patent covers "the encoding and use of multiple bitrate 'streamlets' with the same time index; such that the aggregate set of streamlets, stored on standard Web servers, independently yield playback of the original full length video. This," the company says, "is accomplished through intelligent requests of successive unique optimal streamlets sent by a client device." Move says that its adaptive streaming technology is currently integrated into MoveTV, which it describes as "a white labeled end-to-end platform offering a complete suite of video services--such as multichannel linear programming, VOD, live events, network PVR and others--available as either a disruptive IPTV platform for traditional pay-TV services delivered over broadband, or for advanced three-screen services and solutions such as 'TV Everywhere' being deployed by pay TV operators."
  • Set-top box and middleware provider, Netgem, and consumer electronics company, Toshiba, have announced the launch of a multifunction adapter for the French market which provides access to Toshiba Places. The latter is a portal which contains various interactive online services, including VOD, that have been optimized for TV, and which also allows users to share multimedia content and connect to Internet services. "This is the first deployment of Toshiba Places, which is enabled through Netgem's device and middleware expertise," Netgem states in its press materials. "This multifunction adapter has been designed to connect any flat-screen TV to the Toshiba Places portal. It initiates a new era for television through its interactive access to multimedia content." Said Netgem managing director, Christophe Aulnette: "Working with Toshiba, one of the global leaders in consumer electronics, to develop new interactive solutions for connected TV's, is the first success for our 'Netbox inside' strategy. Our vision is that one day all TV's will be connected to the Internet." According to Netgem, the new Toshiba Multifunction Adapter is a customized version of the N5000 platform it unveiled at the IBC earlier this month.


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