Oregan Networks to Launch High-Definition OTT Set-Top box, Based on its Onyx Media Browser

Oregan Networks, a London-based provider of media browser solutions for CE and IPTV devices, has announced the imminent launch of an HD OTT set-top box, based on its Onyx media browser. According to the company, the new box, which is dubbed the DPS 1000 and which is being manufactured by Korean consumer electronics brand, Digital Streams, will be available in retail in the UK and will provide access to a range of Internet-delivered video and music services, as well as to social networking sites, via a "slick and animated" user interface. The box will be powered by a dual-core set-top box chipset from Broadcom, the company says. Services available through the new box, according to Oregan, will include catch-up TV, user-generated content, and other broadband video offerings, including YouTube, the BBC iPlayer, Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food, and various video podcasts. In addition, the company says, the box will offer interactive TV apps and widgets for such services as Facebook, Twitter, BBC News, BBC Sports and Accedo Funspot games. The device will provide access to millions of videos at any given time, Oregan claims, adding that instant streaming movies will shortly be available on the device via subscription-based or transactional purchase models.

According to Oregan, its Onyx browser offers global content search functionality that is activated through a single click of the remote, and that includes options for context-sensitive searching of video on the Internet, as well as on DLNA-compliant home network devices. The company claims that the new Onyx-based set-top will feature an ultra-compact design, a simplified set-up process, comprehensive media format support, and energy efficiency. 'We are pleased to announce our new movie and catch-up TV streaming STB, designed specifically for UK audiences, who are amongst the most discerning in Europe, due to the wealth of free-to-air content and catch-up TV services available," Oregan's VP of market strategy, Milya Timergalayeva, said in a prepared statement. "With Onyx, we offer a raft of the most compelling Web services for consumers that seek a wider range of viewing options through a single device."

According to Oregan, the new box--which it says will be priced below £90 and will be available in online stores next month and in bricks-and-mortar retailers in time for the holiday season--has built-in HTML and Adobe Flash content browsing capability that allows it to access and render OTT entertainment channels and widgets. Adaptive bitrate streaming capability will ensure an uninterrupted streaming experience in bandwidth-constrained environments, the company says. Oregan bills the device as having been engineered to "address the concerns of consumers regarding being restricted to a single service offering, or technology becoming dated and obsolete": the company's Onyx live upgrade service will offer regular automated updates, it says, thus delivering new apps and services.

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