Pandora's Personalized Internet Radio Service Now Available on TiVo Premiere DVR's

DVR vendor/service provider, TiVo, continues to add to the line-up of OTT content that can be accessed through its broadband-connected set-tops. The company said Monday that Pandora's personalized Internet radio service is now available on all broadband-connected TiVo Premiere DVR's. "Just as TiVo revolutionized your television and personalized your viewing content, the Pandora application brings additional music customization to the all-in-one TiVo box," Jim Denney, TiVo's VP and general manager of product marketing, said in a prepared statement. "With Pandora now available on TiVo Premiere, we offer customers even more options when it comes to music including personalized on-demand radio, audio podcasts, music videos, music from your PC, and more through the TV and with just one remote."

Pandora bills its service as giving people "music they love" through personalized radio stations that are created instantly from a single song, artist, composer or genre "seed." Simple thumbs-up and thumbs-down feedback then quickly refines those stations to each listener's taste, the company says. Pandora says that its service's personalization capabilities are powered by what it calls the Music Genome Project--which it describes as a "deeply detailed, hand-built musical taxonomy" that uses "musicological 'DNA'" and constant listener feedback to craft personalized stations.

According to TiVo--which also offers OTT music services from Rhapsody, Live365 and Music Choice (note: TiVo Premiere customers can also access songs from their own PC or Mac, if they have installed TiVo Desktop software on those devices)--TiVo Premiere customers can either create a new Pandora account for free, or else sign in with their existing account in order to immediately access their personalized stations on their TV set. Users can also access Pandora stations that are created on TiVo on any other platform that supports Pandora, the company says, including PC's, smartphones and other connected devices.

(Note: In related news, the Wall Street Journal's Jessica Vascellaro and Suzanne Vranica have just published an article detailing how TiVo and other companies are developing new advertising products tied to their OTT content services.)

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