Cablevision Deploys Zodiac's PowerUp Platform to Power Interactive TV Services

--Zodiac CEO, Brandon Brown, Discusses the Deployment with [itvt]

Interactive TV software developer, Zodiac Interactive, will announce today (Tuesday) that its PowerUp platform has been deployed in digital set-top boxes across its existing customer Cablevision's entire tri-state service area (note: for some background on the Zodiac-Cablevision relationship, see the article published on, November 5th). According to the company, its software is helping define and differentiate Cablevision's interactive TV applications and services, including iO TV Shortcuts (note: for more on the latter, see the article published on, August 24th, 2009), the MSO's search and EPG offerings, and its dedicated ITV channels. Zodiac also says that it is working with Cablevision on its Remote Storage (RS) DVR service (note: for more on the latter, see, for example, the article published on, July 10th, 2009), and that its recently announced PowerUp AMS (note: for more on the latter, see the article published on, May 11th) is being leveraged by the MSO for Web and mobile integration with its set-top boxes.

Zodiac bills its PowerUp platform as a modular middleware framework and presentation engine that utilizes an open API to enable cable operators to quickly, easily and cost-effectively deploy a broad range of user interfaces and advanced, Internet-based services and applications across multiple devices. The platform provides solutions both for existing technologies and next-generation cable platforms, the company says. According to the company, the platform is helping Cablevision offer highly advanced enhanced TV and interactive TV products and services, including robust VOD navigation and search, and a wide range of interactive apps. It says that PowerUp provides a common foundation for the development and deployment of interactive TV services on digital cable, including ITV ads, games, chat, Web browsing, classifieds, social media integration and tcommerce for both existing and next-generation ecosystems. "Through Zodiac Interactive's PowerUp Platform, we are able to design and build pioneering interactive applications for TV, as well as guarantee that our millions of subscribers have access to advanced next-generation applications, like mobile integration with home-based services," Richard Neill, Cablevision's SVP of software technology, said in a prepared statement. "In addition, Zodiac's unique offering allows us to write once and deploy everywhere, which is crucial in today's hyper-competitive market."

[itvt]'s Tracy Swedlow interviewed Zodiac CEO, Brandon Brown, Monday, about Cablevision's PowerUp deployment. A recording of the interview is AVAILABLE HERE.

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