[itvt] is pleased to announce the schedule of sessions for TVOT NYC Intensive (November 18th, at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City), our new event devoted to the new national interactive TV platform and the rise of the ITV economy.

Tickets to the event (priced at $875) are still available for purchase here. However, because the event is now close to capacity, we advise purchasing your tickets as soon as possible.


Registration and Breakfast

Opening Address and TVOT11 Launch

Opening remarks by [itvt] founder and editor-in-chief, Tracy Swedlow, will be followed by the official launch of the fifth annual TV of Tomorrow Show, which will take place next spring in San Francisco. TVOT founding sponsor, Sam Pemberton, CEO of Softel Group, will join Swedlow on stage for the TVOT11 launch.

The State of Cable Interactive TV

This session brings together representatives from Canoe Ventures and the six MSO's which in 2008 established Canoe to implement the US cable industry's national interactive TV strategy. The session is designed to give the various stakeholders in the interactive TV space--including advertisers, agencies, broadcasters and technology vendors--an opportunity to learn about cable's interactive TV deployments to date; to assess cable's commitment to interactive TV in general; and to allow the major cable operators to share, discuss and debate their vision of the future of television.

Topics to be discussed include why Canoe was founded, what it has achieved to date, and what it is expected to achieve over the coming year or so; the current size of cable's interactive TV footprint; how cable sees its relationships with broadcasters and advertisers evolving as the interactive TV space matures; the relationship between Canoe's national ITV platform and the ITV products and services that have been launched to date by individual operators; the role of "single-screen" interactive TV in an increasingly multiplatform TV universe; and whether cable should see the emergence of connected consumer electronics devices as a threat or an opportunity. Panelists include:

  • Chris Faw, SVP of operations, Time Warner Cable Media Sales
  • Mark Hess, SVP of video business and product development, Comcast
  • Arthur Orduna, CTO, Canoe Ventures
  • Tracy Swedlow, editor-in-chief, [itvt] (moderator)
  • Additional MSO representatives to be announced shortly

7th Floor
Interactive TV Advertising: Local Implementations, National Implications

The US television industry is distinguished from the television industries of most other countries in that local markets play a much larger role: this year, for example, over $17 billion is expected to be spent on local-market cable and broadcast TV advertising in the US. Local markets also provide a relatively simple environment in which to get cable interactive TV advertising off the ground, in that the interactive avails are owned by the local operator outright (and can be sold directly to merchants without worrying about complex negotiations with broadcast networks over sharing incremental revenue), and in that the technology/infrastructure hurdles tend to be lower: there is usually only one set-top box manufacturer to take into account, a single operating system, a single VOD technology provider, etc. in each system.

This session will provide a detailed examination of interactive TV advertising in a local context. It will, among other things, showcase real examples of local interactive TV advertising deployments to date and discuss the processes through which those deployments were taken from concept to realization, outline key characteristics of local markets that advocates of ITV advertising need to understand (and may have overlooked to date), explore the specific ways in which ITV advertising (including ads enhanced with tcommerce and RFI capabilities) can benefit the various stakeholders in local markets (operators, small businesses, stations, etc.), explore how interactive TV can be used to localize national advertising campaigns and thus make them more relevant to viewers, and examine how lessons learned from ITV advertising in local markets can be scaled and applied on a national basis. Panelists include:

  • Andy Addis, SVP, business development - Service providers, Ensequence
  • Andrew Capone, SVP of marketing and business 
  • Dan Hassan, CEO, BackChannelMedia
  • Stuart Lipson, principal, Leap Media Group (moderator)
  • Patrick Peters, EVP and general manager of programming, FourthWall Media

Tcommerce: Transforming the Economics of Television

This two-part session will begin with a panel discussion that includes several executives who are closely involved in the US cable industry's ongoing roll-out of tcommerce. The panelists will update attendees on the current status of that roll-out, and will also examine cable's tcommerce plans for the future. In addition, they will explore the larger question of whether and how tcommerce--and the direct monetization of programming and advertising that it promises to make possible--could fundamentally transform the economics of television. (Note: Attendees who are interested in continuing the discussion of cable's tcommerce plans may also want to attend the Canoe Product and Technology Workshop, 10:45AM-12:00PM--see below.)

The session will conclude with a presentation by a senior executive from tcommerce pioneer, HSN, on a recent initiative which employed EBIF-based interactive TV as part of a marketing campaign that represented a unique convergence of entertainment content and tcommerce. Panelists and speakers include:

  • Elizabeth Braiman. manager, business development, distribution, A&E
  • Bill Brand, EVP of programming, marketing and business development, HSN
  • Ellen Dudar, chief product officer, FourthWall Media
  • Mike Fitzsimmons, CEO, Delivery Agent
  • Debra Friar, VP, new business development, Catalina Marketing Corp.
  • Jim Turner, SVP of product, Canoe Ventures (moderator)
  • Mark Wenger, senior manager, product management, PayPal

7th Floor
New Interactive Platforms: Another Arrow in the Quiver or a Double-Edged Sword?

This session--which will be preceded by a short presentation on a new EBIF application from Showtime Networks, a programmer with a long track record of pioneering new interactive TV technologies--will, among other things, see broadcaster/programmer executives outlining and discussing their companies' interactive TV strategies, explaining how they are using interactivity to attract and engage the audience and further monetize their programming, and assessing the relative merits of the cable ITV platform in relation to other emerging interactive platforms such as the iPad, Google TV and Apple TV.

At the same time, however, the session will examine whether certain new interactive platforms could also prove to be a double-edged sword for broadcasters and programmers, in that they have the potential to disrupt the familiar and comfortable TV ecosystem--both by allowing new entrants to compete for audiences with established networks and channels, and by fundamentally transforming viewers' expectations of the TV experience itself.

  • Channing Dawson, senior advisor, Scripps Networks
  • William Gonzalez, director of product management, New York Times
  • Dominique Nguyen, manager of Bravo Emerging Media, NBC Universal
  • Bill Niemeyer, senior analyst, The Diffusion Group (moderator)
  • Shalini Govil-Pai, group manager, YouTube and TV partner solutions, Google

6th Floor
Open Forum: Nurturing Tomorrow's Talent

Will Kreth from Time Warner Cable/OEDN and Mike Bloxham from Ball State
University will outline what OEDN's Academic Outreach Program has achieved
to date and what is planned for the immediate future. They will also ask
attendees what the industry needs from the next generation of talent in
order to help accelerate the growth and success of interactive TV.
Attendees' input will shape how and what students learn and how OEDN's
program evolves.

  • Mike Bloxham, director of insight and research, Ball State University Center for Media Design
  • Will Kreth, senior director of advanced video strategy, Time Warner Cable, and founder of OEDN



Schmoozing and Networking Break

Tcommerce: Lessons from the Field

In 2009, Comcast Media Center (CMC) deployed icueTV's tcommerce applications on its HITS AxIS platform (note: HITS AxIS is a centralized platform that facilitates the end-to-end deployment and management of EBIF applications on cable systems). The partnership with icueTV--one of over 20 ITV application and middleware developers with which HITS AxIS currently works--was intended to provide HITS AxIS affiliates with additional revenue by enabling them to offer tcommerce applications to their digital subscribers. Earlier this year, HITS AxIS expanded its trials to include tcommerce and other ITV applications developed by Cedar Point Communications

This "lessons-from-the-field" session will update attendees on CMC's efforts to bring tcommerce to a national footprint encompassing multiple cable system operators. An executive from CMC will explain the various elements--including application development, testing, on-boarding, management and refreshing; and back-office requirements, such as billing, fulfillment and measurement--that must be brought together to ensure the success of these efforts. Executives from icueTV and Cedar Point Communications will share their experiences delivering specific tcommerce apps via HITS AxIS. In addition, the panelists will discuss how they believe Madison Avenue can take advantage of the knowledge gleaned from these early-stage deployments, in order to take tcommerce to the next level. Panelists include:

  • James Capps, VP of engineering, Comcast Media Center
  • Steve Donohue, Light Reading Cable (moderator)
  • Michael Huegel, CEO, icueTV
  • Jeff Walker, VP of marketing, Cedar Point Communications

7th Floor
Fireside: New Interactive Narratives and their Monetization

This session will explore how interactive media and technologies are transforming the nature of narrative/storytelling while simultaneously giving rise to new ways of monetizing content.

The session will kick off with a brief presentation by Brian Seth Hurst, CEO of The Opportunity Management Company, on "The Conspiracy for Good," a new project from "Heroes" creator, Tim Kring, which centers on an interactive narrative that plays out across a range of traditional and new media platforms (including smartphones, tablets and PC's), and that blurs the lines between fiction and reality to challenge its audience/participants to effect change in the real world by donating time and money to philanthropic causes.

Following his presentation, Hurst and [itvt]'s Tracy Swedlow will discuss the implications for TV programming of "Conspiracy for Good's" cross-platform narrative format and the implications for TV monetization/business models of the project's ability to convince its audience to take action in the real world. In the course of their conversation, they will also showcase some other interesting examples of new interactive narrative formats and monetization models, including several projects that have been featured on's recently launched Click TV section.

  • Brian Seth Hurst, CEO, The Opportunity Management Company
  • Tracy Swedlow, editor-in-chief, [itvt]

6th Floor
Canoe Product and Technology Workshop

This workshop session will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn in detail about Canoe Ventures' latest offerings for tcommerce, RFI advertising and more. It will also allow them to continue and deepen the discussion of tcommerce that began earlier in the morning in "Tcommerce: Transforming the Economics of Television" (9:30-10:30AM in the Theater). The workshop will be hosted by:

  • Arthur Orduna, CTO, Canoe Ventures
  • Jim Turner, SVP of product, Canoe Ventures

Fireside: Cable, CE and Content: Meeting the Challenges of a Changing TV Ecosystem

This fireside session--a three-way dialog between the heads of the Consumer Electronics Association and CableLabs, and a programming executive whose responsibilities include leading his company's digital strategy--will focus on the complex and rapidly evolving inter-relationships between the cable, consumer electronics and programming industries, in an era when television is becoming increasing multiplatform and interactive.

Topics to be discussed include the role that CE platforms will play in the future of interactive TV and the delivery of programming content in general; whether the "cord-cutting" that is made possible by connected CE devices presents a serious threat to cable, or whether such connected devices instead represent an opportunity for operators to extend and transform the cable offer; the significance of major operators' interest in the "open cable API" and in supporting the iPad and other TV-companion devices; the potential--thanks to connected devices, the app store model, etc.--for a more immediate relationship between broadcasters and CE manufacturers; and the possible implications of this relationship, including the question of whether and how broadcasters and programmers should adapt their content and business strategies to accommodate a TV ecosystem in which CE devices--whether as an alternative or complement to pay-TV--are playing an increasingly important role.

  • Jason Klarman, president, Oxygen Media
  • Paul Liao, president and CEO, CableLabs
  • John Quain, writer, New York Times
  • Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

7th Floor
Programming Discovery: Navigating and Marketing TV in an Age of Media Saturation

In the world of television, there is no debating that if viewers cannot easily find the shows they are interested in, not only do they lose out, but the entire media ecosystem that depends on them does too. Yet, as the number of available video hours and viewing platforms (including VOD, DVR's, connected TV and the Web) continues to increase, viewers are faced with a potentially overwhelming amount of choice.

This session will showcase new tools for programming discovery that are now available to viewers, and explore how broadcasters and other content providers can develop new marketing techniques that effectively employ these tools to build an audience for their programming. Topics to be discussed include the relative merits of new artificial intelligence- and social media-powered content discovery platforms; the business models that are emerging around these platforms; the extent to which these platforms' success at facilitating programming discovery can be quantified; how the content discovery process will be impacted by viewers' increasing use of the iPad and other companion devices while watching TV; new techniques for gathering and putting to use data on consumer viewing habits and preferences; and best practices for broadcasters looking to promote their programming through interactive media in an increasingly saturated media universe. Panelists include:

  • Natali Morris, CNET TV (moderator)
  • Maitreyi Krishnaswamy, director of interactive video services product management, Verizon FiOS TV
  • John McCrea, general manager, Tunerfish
  • George Schweitzer, president of marketing, CBS
  • Yaniv Solnik, CTO, beeTV
  • Paul Wehrley, COO, Clicker

Lunch Break

Theater Room
Prize Contest

Jonathan Boltax, senior director of programming and service management at Oberon Media, will host a prize contest that illustrates how interactive TV is already generating significant revenues in the real world.

Theater Room
New User Experiences

This showcase session will feature demos of three new applications and platforms which [itvt]'s editorial staff feel could have a significant impact on the multiplatform interactive TV space going forward, or are at least representative of trends that we believe will be emerging in that space in the not-too-distant future. Presenters include:

  • Simon Applebaum, producer and host, Tomorrow Will Be Televised (moderator)
  • Doug Imbruce, CEO, Qwiki (2010 TechCrunch Disrupt Award winner)
  • Laurant Weill, executive chairman, Visiware
  • Mark Yackanich (former VP of corporate strategy, local media, NBC Universal), CEO, Megaphone

7th Floor
Social TV, Branding and Monetization

While much ink in the high-tech trade press has been devoted to social media marketing in general, social TV's potential as a marketing, advertising and branding tool has arguably been somewhat overlooked.

Anchored by a prominent advertising executive who has a long-time interest in social media as a marketing/advertising tool, this session will showcase a number of social TV applications, including applications that are designed to run on the EBIF-based cable interactive TV platform, and apps that are designed to run on the iPad, smartphones and other TV-companion devices; and will explore social TV's potential to change the nature of advertising and marketing and of TV content in general. Among other things, the session will attempt to identify strategies for monetizing social TV whether through advertising or tcommerce, to explore how advertisers and brands can leverage the increased audience engagement with programming that is promised by this new medium, to identify the risks that social TV might pose to brands, and to determine whether social TV has the potential--in the face of an increasingly Balkanized television audience--to "save the water cooler" and thus to deliver more effective national branding campaigns. Panelists include:

  • Clayton Banks, CEO, Embermedia (moderator)
  • Jeff Bonin, SVP of business development and marketing, Alticast
  • David Levy, CEO, Philo Media Corp.
  • Faris Yakob, chief innovation officer, MDC Partners



6th Floor
EBIF/iPad Developer Workshop

This workshop session will show how a developer (A Different Engine) uses a platform SDK (RCDb) to create apps that leverage the EBIF standard to deliver time data on TV and the Apple iPad. The workshop will focus on the roles and responsibilities of each of the parties in the ecosystem, provide an overview of the end-to-end app development process, and provide insight into how leveraging an SDK allows developers to quickly bring branded EBIF and iPad apps to market. The goal of the workshop is to illustrate the end-to-end app dev process and demystify the developer/platform eco-system that will define and deliver the next generation of interactive TV user experience for consumers across multiple platforms. Workshop leaders include:

  • Doug Clarke, director of embedded software programs, Related Content Database (RCDb)
  • Geoff Katz, executive producer, RCDb, and co-governor of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Interactive Media Peer Group
  • Mike Ryan, CEO, A Different Engine
  • Zane Vella, CEO, RCDb


The Recursive Ménage à Trois: Data, Targeting and Messaging

It used to be supposed that traditional demographic information, when accompanied by the ability to target, whether passively or via interactive TV, was the marketer's dream. Now we are learning that the segments we created and the messages associated with those segments may not necessarily work as imagined. What happens when performance overshadows demographics? How do we respond creatively, and does that then necessitate another round of analysis? This session will see a cross-industry panel explore these and other questions pertaining to the relationship between segmentation and messaging.

  • Arnab Gupta, CEO, Opera Solutions
  • Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World (moderator)
  • Lawrence Kimmel, CEO, Direct Marketing Association
  • Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia
  • Bruce Nelson, vice chairman, Omnicom Group
  • Ed Swindler, EVP and COO of ad sales, NBC Universal
  • Craig Woerz, co-managing partner, Media Storm

7th Floor
Bringing EBIF Applications to Market: Challenges and Solutions

Anchored by a broadcast executive who has extensive experience in implementing interactive TV applications, this session will guide attendees step-by-step through the various processes involved in taking an EBIF-based ITV app from conception to consumer. The session will thereby examine the technological challenges that still face EBIF-based interactive TV at each of these stages, and showcase the various technologies and services (development tools, testing regimes, playout platforms, etc.) that are now available to solve these challenges.

In addition to providing broadcasters and advertising executives with a detailed overview of what is involved in developing and deploying interactive TV apps in an EBIF environment, the session will allow its panel of technologists to debate and discuss how the various technology providers in the interactive TV ecosystem can work together to streamline and facilitate the process of launching ITV apps, and to share their thoughts on the technology roadmaps for their respective areas of expertise. Panelists and presenters include:

  • David Cutts, managing director, Strategy & Technology
  • Ed Humphrey, president of the Americas, Softel Group
  • Aslam Khader, chief product officer, Ensequence
  • Rebecca Rusk Lim, senior director of advanced entertainment, Starz Entertainment (moderator)
  • John Maguire, director of product strategy, TV technology, S3 Group
  • Vibha Rustagi, president and CEO, itaas
  • Timothy Wahlers, president and CEO, enableTV


6th Floor
The Data Dilemma: Brands Demand Ad Tracking and Monetization

This facilitated group discussion, hosted by the Interactive Television Alliance (ITA) and Ad-ID, a joint initiative between the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's) and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), examines real-world experiences in tracking advertising and sponsor-driven creative across TV and multiple companion platforms, using Ad-ID. As Ad-ID use accelerates, agencies and brands are gathering data and refining their approach to TV interactivity. The session will address the overall TV/video tracking landscape from both the agency and brand POV, interlacing mini case studies with dialog. What works? What doesn't? Who is making money and how exactly? Where are the emerging dollars in tracking and data? And how will the various players win with these tools? Session leaders include:

  • Allison Dollar, CEO, Interactive Television Alliance
  • Harold S. Geller, managing director, Ad-ID, American Association of Advertising Agencies
  • Ashley J. Swartz, SVP/content director, Digitas


Schmoozing and Networking Break

The Buyers and Sellers of Interactive TV Advertising

This session will provide a comprehensive overview of the emerging interactive TV advertising economy, from the perspective of the players who are at the core of that economy: the buyers and sellers of ITV ads and of digital media in general.

Topics to be addressed include why ad buyers invest in some digital media platforms for their clients and not in others; why some sellers have gone full force into interactive TV while others have decided to focus on other areas; what sellers need to do in order to ensure that interactive TV is included in an ad agency's media plan recommendations for its clients, and what ad agencies themselves need to do in order to ensure that ITV makes it into their clients' media plans; how agencies and brands view interactive TV's promise of transforming advertising into a more direct (via tcommerce, couponing, RFI, etc.) and more accountable (via generation of set-top data) medium; and--if Google TV becomes a catalyst for consumer adoption of interactive TV--whether this is likely to significantly alter advertising relationships. Panelists include:

  • Matt Bayer, supervisor, national broadcast, Carat
  • Mike Bologna, director of emerging communications, GroupM
  • Keith Kazerman, VP of sales, DirecTV
  • Chris Pizzurro, principal, Leap Media Group (moderator)
  • Dina Roman, SVP of sales, Scripps Networks
  • Jen Soch, SVP/activation director, MediaVest
  • Tom Wolfe, senior director of advanced advertising, Rovi

7th Floor
Pay TV Embraces IP and the Cloud

This session will explore the various ways in which the pay-TV platform is opening up to broadband content and to IP-based applications and services, and will also attempt to determine whether this embrace of the Internet and IP technology has the potential to transform programming, advertising and the pay-TV offer in general.

Topics to be addressed include how operators can leverage the cloud to expand the limits of the EBIF-based cable interactive TV platform with rich interactive content and applications; how operators can also use the cloud to offer highly localized on-demand content; how the convergence of pay TV and broadband is making possible new kinds of content partnerships; whether this convergence has the potential to make advertising more trackable and accountable, and more "direct" (by facilitating tcommerce and RFI functionality); whether new forms of programming and entertainment can be envisaged that take full advantage of this convergence; and how major operators are working on opening up the cable API to support interaction via the iPad and other IP-based companion devices. Panelists include:

  • Braxton Jarratt, CEO, Clearleap
  • Craig Leddy, principal, Interactive TV Works (moderator)
  • Tara Maitra, VP and general manager of content services and advertising sales, TiVo
  • Paul Ranger, sales and marketing director for interactive, NDS
  • Edgar Villalpando, SVP of marketing, ActiveVideo Networks
  • Rachelle Zoffer, director of interactive TV content strategy and acquisition, Verizon FiOS TV


6th Floor
Canoe Up Close
With Kathy Timko, COO of Canoe Ventures

Register to attend a closed session with Canoe Ventures COO, Kathy Timko, for the chance to ask questions and hear first-hand about major company initiatives, product updates, consumer research, and other news. Admission to this workshop is strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis: [itvt] will announce the registration process for this session via our newsletter and the Web site shortly.


Fireside: Cable's Interactive TV Roadmap

This fireside session, which features a prominent technologist from a major cable MSO in conversation with an award-winning journalist who specializes in making complex technologies understandable, will provide a look into the future of the national cable interactive TV platform. Topics to be addressed include the roadmap for EBIF and the challenges still faced by that technology; cable's plans for its next-generation interactive TV technology, tru2way; Time Warner Cable's advocacy of the "open cable API," its embrace of the iPad, and its views on the future of the set-top box; and how cable views the emergence of Google TV, Apple TV and other over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

  • Leslie Ellis, principal, Translation Please
  • Mike Hayashi, EVP of advanced engineering and technology, Time Warner Cable

7th Floor
New User Experiences

This showcase session will feature demos of a new interactive platform that is designed to facilitate content discovery and of a new programming format that illustrates how data generated from viewer interactions can be used to enhance TV content. Presenters include:

  • Simon Applebaum, producer and host, Tomorrow Will Be Televised (moderator)
  • Robert May, CEO, Ring World Networks
  • Simon Miller, CEO, Betfair TV

Can We All Get Along? How to Grow the Emerging ITV Advertising Economy

Senior media sales executives from the major pay-TV platforms (cable, satellite, telco TV), and other advertising experts will review the day's learnings; outline how they expect the interactive TV advertising space to evolve going forward, and the roles they believe Canoe, ASAP and other industry organizations should play in this evolution; and explore whether the major stakeholders in the nascent ITV advertising economy can work together to ensure that that economy grows and thrives.

Topics to be discussed include the major challenges that still stand in the way of widespread adoption of interactive TV advertising by brands and agencies; the specific ways in which cable, satellite and telco TV providers might work together to facilitate ITV advertising; how the emergence of connected TV may impact the ITV advertising space; the search for a consistent advertising currency in an increasingly multiplatform TV universe; and strategies for evangelizing interactive TV to brands, agencies, broadcasters/programmers, and consumers respectively.

  • Andrew Corry, VP/director of Amphibian, Initiative
  • Jason Forbes, SVP of strategy, new products and marketing, Time Warner Cable Media Sales
  • Frank Foster, VP of media insight and product development, AT&T
  • Jason Malamud, VP and general manager, Verizon FiOS Media
  • Larry Samuels, general manager of advanced TV, DISH Network
  • Lori Schwartz, chief technology catalyst, North America, McCann World Group, and co-governor of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Interactive Media Peer Group (moderator)
  • Paul Woidke, SVP and general manager of advanced advertising, Nagra-OpenTV

7th Floor
Towards a Manifesto for Interactive TV Design

This session will see prominent television/user interface designer, Dale Herigstad, challenging the pay-TV and technology spheres to ensure that usability and rich design become a core element of their vision of interactive TV, and not just an afterthought. The goal of the session will be to open lines of communication between designers/creatives and technologists with an eye to drawing up a manifesto for interactive TV design that will be further honed in a dialog at TVOT 11 in San Francisco.

Issues to be addressed include the complex inter-relationship between usability and design; whether there is a business case for good design--and how the ROI for good design can be quantified; whether the effective use of design on the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices has raised the bar for TV design (especially now that such devices are increasingly being used both as TV companion devices and as delivery platforms for programming); and whether an interactive TV design manifesto should ultimately be formalized as part of CableLabs' ITV Developer Guidelines and other industry standards. Panelists include:

  • Carla Hendra, chairman, Global Strategy & Innovation Practice, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
  • Dale Herigstad, chief creative officer, Schematic
  • Michael Payne, director of experience design, Intel
  • Frank Sandoval, principal architect, CableLabs (moderator)
  • Jakob Trollback, president and creative director, Trollback + Company

Closing Address by David Verklin, CEO, Canoe Ventures

7th Floor
Cocktail Party, Sponsored by Cablevision Advanced Platforms and Visible World

North America