"The State of Cable Interactive TV" at TVOT NYC Intensive

[itvt] is pleased to present an AUDIO RECORDING of "The State of Cable Interactive TV," the opening panel session at TVOT NYC Intensive.

The panelists for the session were:
--Chris Faw, SVP of operations, Time Warner Cable Media Sales
--Mark Hess, SVP of video business and product development, Comcast
--Arthur Orduna, CTO, Canoe Ventures
--Tracy Swedlow, editor-in-chief, [itvt] (moderator)

The session was described in the TVOT NYC Intensive program as follows:

"This session brings together representatives from Canoe Ventures and the MSO's that established it to implement the US cable industry's national interactive TV strategy. The session is designed to give the various stakeholders in the interactive TV space--including advertisers, agencies, broadcasters and technology vendors--an opportunity to learn about cable's interactive TV deployments to date; to assess cable's commitment to ITV; and to hear major cable operators share, discuss and debate their vision of the future of television in general.

Topics to be discussed include why Canoe was founded, what it has achieved to date, and what it is expected to achieve over the coming year or so; the current size of cable's interactive TV footprint; how cable sees its relationships with broadcasters and advertisers evolving as the interactive TV space matures; the relationship between Canoe's national ITV platform and the ITV products and services that have been launched to date by individual operators; the role of "single-screen" interactive TV in an increasingly multiplatform TV universe; and whether cable should see the emergence of connected consumer electronics devices as a threat or an opportunity."

(Note: The [itvt] editorial team is on the road this week and next, so we will not be publishing daily news until after the holidays. We apologize to our readers for any inconvenience.)

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