Data, Targeting and Messaging at TVOT NYC Intensive

[itvt] is pleased to present an AUDIO RECORDING of "The Recursive Ménage à Trois: Data, Targeting and Messaging," a panel session at TVOT NYC Intensive.

The panelists for the session were:

  • Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World (moderator)
  • Lawrence Kimmel, CEO, Direct Marketing Association
  • Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia
  • Bruce Nelson, vice chairman, Omnicom Group
  • William Nowacki, managing partner and lead principal, Opera Analytics
  • Ed Swindler, EVP and COO of ad sales, NBC Universal
  • Craig Woerz, principal, Media Storm

The session was described in the TVOT NYC Intensive program as follows:

"It used to be supposed that traditional demographic information, when accompanied by the ability to target, whether passively or via interactive TV, was the marketer's dream. Now we are learning that the segments we created and the messages associated with those segments may not necessarily work as imagined. What happens when performance overshadows demographics? How do we respond creatively, and does that then necessitate another round of analysis? This session will see a cross-industry panel explore these and other questions pertaining to the relationship between segmentation and messaging."

(Note: The [itvt] editorial team is on the road this week and next, so we will not be publishing daily news until after the holidays. We apologize to our readers for any inconvenience.)

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