Interactive TV News Round-Up (V): HSN, IMAGE, Inview, Trident Microsystems, ITV, Channel 4, PlayStation 3, Mirada

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Because the [itvt] editorial team has been on the road the past few weeks, we are covering recent news in round-up/summary form. Due to the volume of news we are covering in this issue, our summaries are somewhat more abbreviated than usual (note: extensive background information on most of the companies and technologies covered in this issue can be found by using's search functionality). We apologize for any inconvenience to our readers: our regular daily news coverage will return shortly.

  • HSN, a home-shopping network that has pioneered interactive TV in the US, has launched an iPad app. "The HSN App for iPad, which is a highly video-centric, highly customized experience, allows users to stream live video from HSN and HSN2 or watch previously aired content from the network's video library on the top of the screen while simultaneously browsing related products on the bottom half of the screen," HSN states in its press materials. "With the slide of a fingertip, users can enlarge either aspects of the app, allowing for more viewing room for video or products. HSN is the only retailer to offer 15 video-on-demand channels on the iPad across product categories, including fashion, jewelry, kitchen, electronics, shoes/handbags, and home. In addition, the app allows customers to create up to five of their own personalized channels, selecting their favorite brands or categories of merchandise and compiling videos focused on these preferences. The seamless integration of video and commerce is designed as the perfect complement to HSN's live television programming. All necessary information needed before purchase will be right at the customer's fingertips, including product details, product images, related products, and customer reviews. Most importantly, customers can take this app with them wherever they go, allowing them to access HSN's live video, the network's video library, and exciting deals and offers whenever they want to shop. Future versions of the app will continue to offer additional exciting ways for customers to create their own personalized shopping experience."
  • Interactive Meet And Greet Entertainment (IMAGE), a company founded by Gary Sohmers, a 14-year veteran collectibles appraiser on the PBS program, "Antiques Roadshow," has been awarded a US patent (7,852,372) for its flagship technology platform. "IMAGE technology creates a face-to-face experience through the Internet allowing fans to eye-witness celebrities personally signing autographs," the company states in its press materials. "Fans purchase items to be signed and wait in the Licensee's social community in a Video Queue for their personal experience. They can log-in from their computer, TV, mobile device or over-the-top technologies. Each autograph experience is recorded on a DVD, generating an indisputable record of authenticity for the fans. IMAGE will also maintain a database of this information to track subsequent sales or trades."
  • Inview Technology and Trident Microsystems have announced that they are collaborating to facilitate the launch of an IP-based digital TV platform, called Neelix, on "millions" of connected TV sets and set-top boxes globally. "Trident, a leading force in the digital home entertainment market, is a market leader in innovative semiconductor solutions for digital televisions and set-top boxes," the companies state in their press materials. "A pioneer in the consumer electronics marketplace for the past 20 years, Trident understands the rapidly evolving consumer marketplace and the value of being first to market with exciting solutions. Neelix incorporates a fully integrated EPG, media browser and personal schedule tool. A recommendation engine searches out broadcast and Internet content that is relevant to individual user viewing profiles. It also boasts a range of TV applications that provide easy access to Internet content including video streaming, instant messaging, news and weather reports and online radio without having to use a browser or search engines--all with no added cost at the point of manufacture."
  • The ITV Player and 4oD catch-up TV services from UK broadcasters ITV and Channel 4 are now available on the Sony PlayStation 3 games console. The BBC iPlayer has been available on the platform since 2009.
  • Anglo-Spanish interactive TV company, Mirada, has appointed Richard Alden as non-executive chairman. Earlier in his career, Alden, who was previously a non-executive director at Mirada, served as CFO, and then as CEO, of Spanish triple-play provider, ONO. Prior to that, he served as CFO at Optel and at Videotron.


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