Leap Media Group Launches AdYield.tv Platform for Planning and Buying Advanced TV Advertising

--Leap Media Co-Founders, Stuart Lipson and Chris Pizzurro, Explain the New Platform to [itvt]'s Tracy Swedlow

Leap Media Group, a digital media agency that offers media planning, creative, research and other services to advertising agencies looking to develop interactive TV campaigns for their clients, will today (Monday) announce the beta release of its AdYield.tv software (http://www.adyield.tv). The company bills the new offering as empowering advertisers to plan and buy advanced TV advertising (including, it says, any ad unit on TV "beyond the :30 commercial"--such as, for example, ITV overlays, VOD spots, addressable spots, applications and banners) across all distribution points (including cable, fiber, satellite and OTT/connected TV).

According to Leap Media, AdYield.tv is not an ad exchange or ad network, but software that 1) enables media planners to search on criteria that meet a campaign's objective, and discover which advanced TV sellers meet those criteria; and 2) then facilitates the RFP process between the buyer and the seller.

Leap Media claims that it already has over 60 buyers and sellers on the AdYield.tv platform, and says it is continually adding and updating relevant advanced TV information. The basic service is free to marketers and agencies, the company says, while sellers have a number of payment options, including transaction fees, as well as buying marketing sponsorships on the service's Web site. "Our agency clients have been asking us for something like this for some time now," Leap Media co-founder, 

Stuart Lipson, said in a prepared statement. "The initial feedback has been very positive, including getting solid guidance on what they would like us to add, so we know we have a great starting point."

[itvt]'s Tracy Swedlow spoke to Leap Media's Stuart Lipson and the company's other co-founder, Chris Pizzurro, about AdYield.tv last week. An audio recording of the interview is AVAILABLE HERE.

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