Powers Twitter-Based Audience Interaction for Dubai's Al Aan TV

--Deployment is's First in the Middle East

Norwegian interactive TV technology provider,, has secured its first deployment in the Middle East. The company said Monday that Al Aan TV, a Dubai-based "infotainment" network that targets a female demographic, has deployed its Auto Dialog System and Interactivity Desk to enable audience interaction via Twitter. According to the company, its technology allows Al Aan TV to quickly and automatically "harvest," sort, respond to and broadcast moderated tweets from viewers.

The Al Aan TV deployment sees's Auto Dialog System, which is designed to automate communication workflows, customized in order to automatically harvest, sort and respond to the Al Aan TV Twitter feed, says. The harvested messages are then passed to the Interactivity Desk platform, where they are moderated, sorted and published to appropriate channels in conjunction with Vizrt graphics playout. As a result, claims, only appropriate, authorized messages are answered, published to broadcast, or both. According to the company, its technology can also be configured to communicate with other social networks or mobile solutions, and to publish images and video to broadcast. "Al Aan TV wanted to do a more effective job of connecting with its followers on Twitter," CEO, Lars Lauritzsen, said in a prepared statement. "Toward that end, Al Aan TV was looking for a solution that would enable it to quickly and easily respond to viewers' posts and incorporate them into the broadcast. By automating workflows between the social network--Twitter--and the broadcast solution,'s Auto Dialog System and Interactivity Desk do exactly what's required."

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