Revision3 Says It Enjoyed Strong Growth in 2010, Achieving Profitability in Q4

--Secures Investment from Internet-TV Skeptic, Mark Cuban

Revision3--a company which bills itself as "an actual TV network for the Web," and which produces its own original, broadcast-quality programming for distribution on the Web, mobiles, and connected-TV devices--has announced that it achieved profitability in Q4 of 2010, and grew its year-over-year revenues by 80%. It also says that it grew its roster of advertisers to over 60, including such Fortune 500 companies as Verizon, Ford, HP, EA, Sony and HP; and that its total views increased nearly 165% year-over-year, with over 42 million views in December alone. "We had another incredible year in 2010, with impressive gains in revenue, viewership, advertising and distribution," Revision3 CEO, Jim Louderback, said in a prepared statement. "We are thrilled to be leading the reinvention of television as we head to a world where the majority of new TV's will be sold with Internet access, and where tablets and phones are increasingly allowing viewers to enjoy video on any available screen."

Other key 2010 milestones cited by Revision3 include:

  • Securing an investment from noted Internet TV skeptic, Mark Cuban (All Things D's Peter Kafka has more on Cuban's stated reasons for investing in the company).

  • The launch of over 10 new shows, including "The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur," "Household Hacker," "Dan 3.0," "Destructoid," The Onion's "AV Talk," "Unboxing Porn," "GeekBeat.TV" from Cali Lewis, "Penn Point" from Penn Jillette, "The Ben Heck Show," "Death Battle" from Screw Attack and Tom Merritt's "Tom's Top Five."

  • An average click-through rate (CTR) of over 5% on pre-rolls.

  • 99% unaided viewer recall of one or more show sponsors, with 56% of viewers buying a product or service from one of those sponsors.

  • The securing of partnerships with AOL, 5Min, PlayStation Home and RIM BlackBerry.

  • 10-fold-plus growth of the Revision3 YouTube subscriber base, to reach over a million subs.

  • Growth in unique visitors to almost 12 million a month, with 75% of those visitors (i.e. over 9 million) being in the company's target 12- to 34-year-old male demographic.

  • The launch of iPhone and Android apps; the development of HTML5 and "lean-back" versions of; and the launch of its service on the Yahoo! connected-TV platform and on connected TV devices from Toshiba, Vizio, LG, Sony and other manufacturers.

  • Becoming the number-one independent video channel on Roku, a top-10 channel on Boxee, and a Spotlight channel on Google TV.



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