Eyepartner Launches TikiLIVE Solution for Delivering HD Programming to Roku Set-Top Boxes

A Marathon, Florida-based start-up called Eyepartner announced Monday that it has developed a "low-cost IPTV middleware" that allows users to deliver live streaming content, VOD and channel line-ups--all in HD--over-the-top directly to Roku set-top boxes, as well as simultaneously to their own Web sites. The company bills the new offering, dubbed TikiLIVE, as making it easy for anyone to set up a channel and broadcast it in full HD--via a simple, "click-and-go" interface. The company also says that the platform allows users to quickly arrange a playlist of pre-recorded video, as well as to offer it on a pay-per-view basis.

According to Eyepartner, the TikiLIVE IPTV platform is based on patent-pending streaming technology and requires no proprietary hardware or advanced training to use. The company says that it plans to distribute the platform through direct marketing, as well as through various OEM channel partners. "Professionals, movie-makers, broadcasters and enthusiasts alike now have the ability to schedule content and broadcast their HD media directly into the living rooms of their audience through the Roku set-top box; quickly, easily and without purchasing proprietary hardware," Eyepartner president, Tim Green, said in a prepared statement.

Eyepartner says that TikiLIVE provides users with a dashboard that can be accessed from any Web browser, and that offers live broadcasting tools, VOD uploading capabilities, and the ability to arrange playlists and publish channel line-ups. All media is hosted and streamed from Eyepartner central server farms, the company says, and users can specify that their content be offered on a free or pay-per-view basis. Eyepartner says that interested partners can sign up at www.tikilive.com for a free trial run of the platform.


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