Deutsche Telekom Announces Winners of its "2011 Interactive TV Award" App Development Contest

--Winners Include US Tcommerce Specialist, Delivery Agent

Deutsche Telekom, an incumbent telco that offers a Microsoft Mediaroom-powered IPTV service called Entertain, has announced the winners of its third annual Interactive TV Award application development contest. The winners and runners-up of the awards--which were judged by a jury of technology and media experts that met in Bonn last Friday--will divide a prize purse of 70,000 Euros.

The winner of the awards' "Developer" category (note: this category is defined by Deutsche Telekom as being for "technically feasible" applications that "pass a practical test in the Microsoft Mediaroom Presentation Framework") was "BetWorld," a sports betting application from IpAppMedia, a media consulting company based in Zurich, Switzerland. An overview of the app (translated via Google Translate) is available here.

The winner of the awards' "Freestyle" category (note: according to Deutsche Telekom, this category "promotes concepts that shine with particularly creative ideas"; therefore entries in the category "do not have to include any description of the relevant technical implementation," the company says) was "TV Together," a social-TV app from Ratheim, Germany-based freelance Web designer, Oliver Caron. According to Deutsche Telekom, the app allows friends to link up via webcam so that they can see each other and chat while watching TV. An overview of the app (translated via Google Translate) is available here.


The second- and third-place winners in the Developer category were "Interactive Formula 1" by Hamburg-based TeraVolt (note: an overview of the app, translated via Google Translate, is available here); and "Contextual Shopping App" by a high-profile company on the US interactive TV scene, Denver-based tcommerce specialist, Delivery Agent. According to Deutsche Telekom, the Contextual Shopping App allows viewers to use their remotes to shop for products that are "directly related or contextual to" their favorite networks, programs, episodes and special events. "Viewers shop right from their TV using their remote control using simple numeric short code entries," Deutsche Telekom explains on its Interactive TV Awards Web site. "The interaction model utilizes interactive TV best practices and primarily the 'up/down/left/right/select' navigation method. Consumers can buy, e.g. using their credit cards, as commerce and transaction processing are compliant with the payment industry standards. According to the finalist from Denver, what is unique about this concept is the merchandising engine that drives the contextual nature of the application and the infrastructure that supports an end-to-end ITV commerce experience--product sourcing, warehousing, merchandising, ordering, fulfillment and exclusive commerce rights for 40 broadcasters and top programmers. The Contextual Shopping App is designed to be a comprehensive solution that is deployable across a number of operator platforms. In sum, the concept makes buying convenient for TV viewers, bringing the shopping experience to the customer, instead of having the customer seek out that shopping experience elsewhere--a comprehensive approach that will bring additional revenue to operators, programmers and content partners as well."