Qualcomm Enables Netflix Instant Streaming on Android Devices

Mobile wireless technology specialist, Qualcomm, said Monday that future Android devices powered by its Snapdragon system-on-a-chip (SoC) platform will have access to instant streaming content from Netflix, as the next generation of the platform will meet Netflix's content-security requirements. This will mark the first time that Netflix has been available on Android devices (note: it is currently available on the Apple iPhone and on Windows Phone 7-powered mobiles), and news of the development appears to have been at least partially responsible for a 7%+ increase in Netflix's share price Monday. "We're excited about this collaborative effort to help bring the Netflix application to Android devices running on the Snapdragon platform," Liat Ben-Zur, Qualcomm's senior director of software strategy and ecosystems, said in a prepared statement. "Qualcomm is in a unique position to help bring the most optimized and advanced Android apps to market through working closely with the strong ecosystem of Snapdragon developers like Netflix."

According to Qualcomm, its Snapdragon processors are designed to deliver dynamic performance and media protection features in a turnkey package, thus allowing the devices they power to more easily pass through the approval process required for Netflix certification. In addition, the company says, they handle Netflix video decoding via highly efficient dedicated hardware, extending battery life and improving picture quality. "We're pleased to expand our mobile offering by providing our members an app for TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix to Snapdragon-enabled Android devices," Bill Holmes, Netflix's VP of business development, said in a prepared statement. "Qualcomm's expertise in mobile hardware/software integration and their collaboration in the consumer electronics space makes them the perfect fit in bringing Netflix to a range of Android handsets and tablets."

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