Droga5 Creates "Palindromic" Interactive Video to Promote Parlux's New Rihanna-Branded Perfume

Parlux Fragrances, a company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing celebrity-branded perfumes and other beauty products, has teamed with interactive agency, Droga5 (whose founder, David Droga, sits on Canoe Ventures' Advisory Board--see the article published on itvt.com, April 13th), to create an interactive video Web site (http://www.rihannareblfleur.com) to promote Reb'l Fleur, a new perfume to which singer Rihanna has lent her name.

According to the companies, the interactive video site is designed to allow visitors to "explore both sides of [Rihanna's] personality--Reb'l and Fleur--on their own terms." It features what the companies are calling a "palindromic" video and companion audio track that visitors can play--in full-screen mode--forwards, backwards, in slow motion or at full speed. Using simple movements of their mouse, the companies say, visitors can explore two different, "abstract" stories, depending on which direction they choose to play the video: if played in one direction, the video shows Rihanna pursuing what they describe as a "mysterious man"; if played in the other direction, it shows her breaking free from him. According to the companies, music video director, Dave Meyers, and choreographer, Tina Landon, worked with Droga5 to choreograph Rihanna and her co-star and to organize camera movement in order to create a seamless story in each direction.

Once visitors have used the video to experience what the companies are calling "Rihanna's duality," they can "express their own personality," the companies say, via social media--declaring on Facebook or Twitter whether they are a "Reb'l" or a "Fleur" via unique URL's (goodfeelssobad.com and badfeelssogood.com)


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