Interactive TV News Round-Up (V): Plex, Redbox, Telescope, ThinkAnalytics, Sky

--Media Center Software Company, Plex, Launches App for Android Mobiles
--Redbox Confirms Plans to Launch Streaming Service
--Telescope Upgrades its SMS Connect Platform
--ThinkAnalytics Powers Recommendations for New Version of Sky+ iPhone App

Due to the large volume of news generated over the past two days, we are covering stories in this issue in summary/round-up format.

  • Media center software company, Plex, has announced the availability of Plex for Android mobile devices. "Plex is the only truly comprehensive media solution that spans personal, commercial and online content, designed to simplify and improve the way people experience media across a range of connected devices," the company states in its press materials. "Plex's Android application allows users to consume all of their Plex media server content on their Android device, providing many of the features already available via Plex's popular iOS application. Plex's downloadable media center lets users view and organize all their personal and local media--movies, TV shows, videos, music, pictures and more. In addition, a rich variety of streaming content is available from online sources around the globe, such as Netflix, Revision3, YouTube, CNN, PBS and over 200 others in one place, using a standard interface. Android users will now be able to browse and consume media from multiple sources in a simple-to-use and intuitive way, ensuring that even novice users will easily be able to access their favorite content. Using Plex's open framework, third-party developers and content owners have the ability to develop Plex Channels, which can be available to Plex users across all devices. Currently, there are over 200 channels available through Plex's service, including iTunes, Netflix, CNN, Revision3, YouTube, and many others. The Android application is available for $4.99. Users need to download the Mac media center or the server application for Windows (both free of charge) to deliver content to the mobile applications."
  • During a meeting with analysts earlier this week, Mitch Lowe, president of DVD kiosk company, Redbox, confirmed that it is planning to launch a subscription-based Internet streaming service that would compete against Netflix Instant Streaming. The Los Angeles Times' Company Town blog has more.
  • Mobile interactive TV/marketing company, Telescope, has announced the launch of an upgrade to its SMS Connect platform that adds new self-service tools and enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities. "Built to work seamlessly with Insight, Telescope's intelligent profiling engine, SMS Connect ensures that campaigns are compliant with the most up-to-date MMA guidelines, while optimizing message targeting, subscriber list management and billing capability," the company states in its press materials. "The password-protected Web interface provides real-time access to a set of templates and a results dashboard to give clients a quick view of the campaign performance as well as further analytics segmentation. With significant further growth in mobile marketing expected in 2011, SMS Connect is positioned to reduce timelines and resource requirements for brands and agencies looking to service their own mobile marketing initiatives and reduce costs."
  • Sky, which recently announced the availability of a new iPad version of its Sky+ App (see the article published on, January 3rd), has now announced the availability of a new Sky+ app (version 3.0) for the iPhone. Like its iPad counterpart, the iPhone version--which is offered free of charge--features recommendations technology from ThinkAnalytics. "Featuring full seven-day listings, the new app will allow you to browse the TV guide and record shows on your set-top box via your iPhone," Sky states in its press materials. "The latest version of the app packs in a recommendation engine which showcases the best of the day's TV highlights as well as throwing up alternatives for you to select. On top of daily viewing recommendations--be it a movie premiere of the week, a big sporting clash or the latest must-see drama--you'll also be privy to seven days' worth of hourly suggestions, from morning 'til midnight. And that's not all. The Favorites functionality will enable you to pull together all your favorite channels to make your own personal TV guide."
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