Interactive TV News Round-Up (II): Brightcove, TubeMogul, Cablevision, Comcast, CMC, FUNimation

--Brightcove, TubeMogul Release Latest Quarterly Report on Online Video Usage
--RS-DVR Lets Cablevision Reduce its STB Spending; COO Outlines Cable-as-an-App and iPad Plans
--Comcast Says its 3D VOD Content Has Generated over 1 Million Views
--FUNimation Channel Offering Subscription and Transactional VOD through Comcast Media Center

Due to the large volume of news generated over the past two days, we are covering stories in this issue in summary/round-up format.

  • Brightcove and TubeMogul have released their latest quarterly research report on online video usage across media industry verticals. Key findings of the report, according to the companies, include the following: "1) Broadcasters led in total minutes streamed in 2010 with 1.7 billion total minutes streamed. 2) Newspapers saw huge growth (147% quarter-over-quarter) in number of titles uploaded for the second quarter in a row. Video coverage of the World Cup, fall elections, Pakistani floods, and trapped Chilean miners helped newspapers to have the highest number of player loads across all categories for the year. 3) Engagement rates trended upward quarter-over-quarter across all media categories. Brands saw a massive 98% jump in engagement this quarter, reaching 2:03 minutes on average compared to 1:03 minutes watched the prior quarter. This suggests that brands are improving the quality of their content and connecting with receptive audiences. 4) As a referral source, Facebook and Twitter accounted for the highest engagement rates across all media categories. Brands saw highest video engagement when referred by Yahoo!, which may point to the success of syndication efforts of such content."
  • Cablevision's spending on set-top boxes could fall to as low as $50 per unit, as a result of the MSO's launch of its Remote Storage DVR (RS-DVR) service, Steve Donohue reports in Light Reading Cable. During a conference call with analysts earlier this week, Cablevision COO, Tom Rutledge, revealed that the company is no longer ordering set-top boxes that incorporate DVR functionality; that it plans to expand its DVR Plus service to its entire metropolitan New York footprint; and that it is working with consumer electronics manufacturers on apps that will enable it to deliver service directly to their connected-TV devices. He also discussed new iPad and Android apps that the MSO plans to launch in the near future.
  • Comcast has announced that 3D content on its VOD service has garnered over a million views since the Masters Golf Tournament last April. It has also announced the launch of a new, 24-hour 3D channel called Xfinity 3D.
  • Anime-themed TV network, FUNimation Channel, has announced that it is now offering SD and HD transactional and subscription VOD packages in the US, US territories and Canada through Comcast Media Center. "The FUNimation Channel video-on-demand package combines product sampling with proven transactional and a subscription level of service to this extremely attractive demographic," the company states in its press materials. "Each product drives usage to the next, creating a path to capture a wider audience while maximizing revenues. The subscription level of service includes up to 40 TV hours of SD and 13 TV hours of HD content per month, which includes full anime series, specials, iconic classics, originals, behind-the-scenes and select premium live action titles, a compelling all-around value for the consumer. The transaction package includes up to 15 TV hours of SD and 5 TV hours of HD content per month, which includes single episodes of premiering titles, iconic classics, movies, originals and premium live action titles. By making the package available through the CMC's video-on-demand distribution footprint, the product is available to more than 98 percent of the industry's leading TV providers, reaching more than 56 million video-on-demand enabled households in the US and Canada."
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