WebTView Launches Mobile Extension for its OTT Video Platform

WebTView, a Tel Aviv-based company that specializes in indexing online video and facilitating its delivery to connected-TV devices, on Thursday unveiled OverCast, an app that serves as a mobile extension of its flagship WebTView video platform/catalog. (Note: the company describes the latter as follows: "The WebTView video platform enables free and high-quality Internet video on any TV. These multi-language Internet videos are syndicated by thousands of studios on the Web. The WebTView video platform enables consumers to easily search, browse and watch infinite Internet video content on TV. The platform dynamically discovers, classifies, qualifies, analyzes and stores Internet video content metadata as a managed unified catalog. The WebTView video platform updates the video catalog on an ongoing basis with the latest videos published on the Internet. Users can create their own personal channels based on their preferred video content or watch the most popular Internet videos. Connected TV's, connected Blu-ray devices, set-top boxes (STB's) and mobile devices can be integrated using the platform's open API. The WebTView video platform can support millions of connected users.")

According to the company, OverCast "splits [the] user experience into two screens," locating such functionality as personalized video search and sharing on the "lean-forward" screen of a smartphone or tablet while reserving the TV's "lean-back" screen for viewing video. Key features of the app, the company says, include:

  • Personalized content recommendation and promotion, based on individual user behavior.
  • "Intuitive" text and program guide search, and filtering of video content.
  • TV playback control (once a user has found the video they want to watch, they can press "select" to play it back on their TV, the company says).
  • Support for such social-TV functionality as commenting, rating, video-sharing and recommending.
  • The ability for consumers to pay for content via transactional and subscription-based models.
  • Support for targeted advertising.
  • Support for linear TV, VOD and local content, as well as for Internet video.

WebTView says that consumer electronics vendors will be able to offer OverCast as a "smart remote control," bundled with their products, and that the OverCast-WebTView combo will enable content providers and service providers to extend their reach to new audiences "without the high cost of integration with numerous connected devices." "OverCast will change the way that people interact with their TV," Gilad Brand, WebTView's VP of marketing, said in a prepared statement. "Content discovery and sharing is made simple with OverCast on personal mobile devices, while maintaining a lean-back TV experience."


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