Brightcove Powering New Interactive Children's "Edutainment" Service, Mobile MUM

--Four New Projects Added to Open Source @ Brightcove

Online video platform provider, Brightcove, said Thursday that a company called Mobile MUM has selected its platform to launch a new, interactive "edutainment" service for children that features "hundreds" of hours of TV episodes, as well as interactive educational games. The subscription-based service uses Brightcove's platform to deliver a range of content to Apple and Android devices, including shows licensed from Ncircle Entertainment, an independent distributor of children's programming. Titles offered by the service include "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That," "Sid the Science Kid," "Pocoyo," "Mighty Machines," "Animal Atlas," "Busytown Mysteries," "Pajanimals," "Noonbury and the Super 7," Chloe's Closet," "Will & Dewitt," "Hopla," and "Dive, Olly, Dive." New programs and games are slated to be added throughout the year.

Mobile MUM's eponymous service is accessed by downloading an app for the iPad, iPhone or Android, and then signing up for a $3.99 all-you-can-eat monthly subscription (note: consumers can also try out the service free of charge for 30 days). According to Brightcove, its platform provides the company with a range of advanced features for publishing and distributing its video content, including out-of-the-box mobile video solutions that make it easy to expand video initiatives to commonly used mobile devices and platforms. Brightcove says that its platform's "Smart Players" automatically detect which device Mobile MUM content is being accessed on, and then deliver the appropriate HTML5 or Adobe Flash format. "Mobile MUM is the first truly interactive kids’ environment for mobile devices that mixes the best in video content with games to help entertain and educate children," Mobile MUM president, Tim Capper, said in a prepared statement. "Mobile MUM takes the heat off of Mom and Dad, and provides children with some of the same high-quality programming they can watch on their TV or DVD via mobile devices. Brightcove makes it possible for Mobile MUM subscribers to easily access high-quality video on the Web and across popular Apple and Android mobile devices, enabling us to enjoy the broadest possible audience reach for our content." Added Brightcove's SVP of marketing, Jeff Whatcott: "It is exciting to see organizations like Mobile MUM launch new video-rich apps that just work thanks to Brightcove and our commitment to removing the complexity associated with publishing across multiple platforms and devices. Mobile MUM is an exciting development for children and parents alike, and we look forward to helping the organization expand its capabilities and video offerings in the future."

In other Brightcove news: The company says that its recently launched Open Source @ Brightcove initiative (see the article published on, January 11th) has added four new projects to date:

  • Velir Studios, a Web agency with expertise in content management and data visualization, has announced that its Brightcove .NET SDK is now available from Open Source @ Brightcove. "The code serves as a fantastic starting point for integrating Brightcove into any .NET application, providing full coverage of the Media API," Brightcove states on its corporate blog. "The SDK also boasts built-in extensibility and robust error detection and reporting."
  • Agora Games, a company that builds and supports online gaming communities, has added its Brightcove Ruby SDK to the Open Source @ Brightcove repository. According to Brightcove, the SDK includes full media API coverage and "can be added to any project for a quick and easy Brightcove integration."
  • The Java Media API Wrapper, which was written and is maintained by Brightcove employees, has been ported over to Open Source @ Brightcove. "The move features a new version release (v3.0) and includes a Java Commons library that serves as a platform to build Java integrations on top of," Brightcove says.
  • Open Source @ Brightcove has released a small JavaScript plug-in that is designed to parse the page where it resides and return videos related to the content it finds. "You can use this plug-in to surface more meaningful videos to your customers with limited effort," Brightcove says.
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