Interactive TV News Round-Up (II): Cablevision, Visible World, GroupM, Canoe, DDS, CBS, Clicker

--Visible World Powers Cablevision Addressable Ad Campaign in which Five Brands Share One :30 Slot
--Canoe Ventures in Interactive TV Advertising Partnership with Donovan Data Systems
--CBS Acquires Clicker, Names Clicker CEO, Jim Lanzone, President of CBS Interactive

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been busy this week working on the TV of Tomorrow Show 2011, we are covering recent news in round-up/summary form. Once again, we anticipate that it will take us a few days to catch up with all the news we plan to cover: so if your company has sent us a press release or briefed us on an announcement, and you don't see your news covered in this issue, please bear with us.

  • Cablevision has announced that it has partnered with advertising media company, GroupM, and addressable advertising specialist, Visible World, on what it bills as "a television-industry first in interactive and advanced television advertising--the simultaneous delivery of advertising from five different advertiser brands sharing a single :30 unit across nearly three million households in the New York Metropolitan area...Cablevision, which has the largest deployment of addressable advertising in the industry to date, has previously executed more than a dozen addressable campaigns involving major brand marketers and their agencies," the MSO's press materials continue. "The campaign marked the first household TV addressable campaign to utilize the system's full footprint. Each of the five brands participating in the campaign received separate metrics revealing how the targeted spots performed with each segmented audience's actual commercial ratings. During the campaign, which was conducted late in the fourth quarter of 2010, commercials for the five distinct brands were directed to the households based on likely relevance. The campaign sub-divided the 30-second spots across more than 25 cable networks." Said GroupM CEO, Irwin Gotlieb: "GroupM is proud to be at the forefront of addressable TV advertising and that our premier clients are among the first to run campaigns at scale. This is an important win for the entire industry ecosystem because advertisers get better targeting, consumers get more relevant messages, and media companies create more valuable inventory. And, the fact that major advertisers are now using these advanced targeting capabilities signifies a seminal shift towards broader adoption."
  • Canoe Ventures--the company founded by US cable MSO's Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Cox, Charter and Bright House Networks to develop a national cable platform for interactive TV and advanced advertising--and Donovan Data Systems (DDS), a provider of software and systems for the advertising industry, have announced that DDS is developing technology within its cable TV buying systems to support Canoe's advanced advertising solutions. "Canoe is creating advanced advertising solutions for TV, including ITV services which enable digital cable viewers to engage more deeply with TV commercials using their remote controls," the companies state in their press materials. "DDS is in the process of enhancing its industry-leading cable TV buying software so that it can accommodate all aspects of the ITV buy, including the receipt of various response data from consumers. With nearly 20 million households, Canoe has the largest national ITV platform in the US, touching 18 of the top-25 designated market areas (DMA's). The cable operators started Canoe to make advanced TV solutions easier to buy, use and measure nationally. In 2010, Canoe launched its first interactive product called RFI (Request for Information) with three cable networks. RFI enables viewers to request information, samples or coupons during commercial breaks on national network inventory simply by using their remote controls. Canoe-enabled interactivity will soon to be available on seven national cable networks, and there are plans for rapid expansion to more networks this year...DDS and Canoe Ventures have been working together for the past six months to better understand the way ITV affects the buying process--given the variety of ways that consumers can interact with and respond to ITV options--and to facilitate the adoption of advanced TV solutions by brands. Based on this research, DDS will be integrating ITV functionality into its cable network systems. In 2010, DDS media buying software processed over $40 billion of the total TV billings in the US market, over $15 billion of which were cable buys. DDS clients include eight of the top-10 US media agencies." Said Canoe CEO, David Verklin: "2011 will be remembered as the year that interactive television became a part of the decision-making considerations of media buyers, and DDS' commitment to helping its agency clients manage national ITV campaigns demonstrates the importance that advanced TV advertising will play in marketing. With Americans watching more TV than ever before, television remains an incredibly important investment in many brands' marketing mix. Canoe Ventures is developing interactive solutions that enable television advertisers to engage consumers more meaningfully, enhancing advertisers' investments. The systems integration initiative with DDS is an important advance that supports the interactive TV advertising revolution."
  • CBS has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire social TV/programming discovery company, Clicker Media, and that it has appointed Clicker co-founder and CEO, Jim Lanzone, as president of CBS Interactive (whose other properties, in addition to Clicker, include,,,, and "Launched in November 2009, Clicker is the first comprehensive and structured guide to legal broadcast programming on the Web, indexing more than 1 million online TV shows, movies and videos, from free and paid services alike," CBS states in its press materials. "Clicker's proprietary recommendation engine, Clicker Predict, and its social integration with Facebook, bring its 2.5 million monthly users an instantly personalized guide to what's worth watching online. Clicker was recently named one of the Top 100 Sites of 2010 by PC Magazine, 'Top 10 Companies to Watch' in 2011 by Mashable and the #1 technology development in television for 2010 by the Writers' Guild of America. Prior to his work at Clicker, Lanzone was the former CEO of (formerly Ask Jeeves), a top-10 global Web property acquired by IAC/ 2005. From 2001 to 2008, Lanzone held various executive roles at Ask ranging from SVP of product management, to general manager of Ask Jeeves US, and finally CEO. He is considered to be one of the executives most responsible for turning around Ask Jeeves prior to its sale to IAC, and establishing Ask as an innovation leader. After leaving Ask, Lanzone joined Redpoint Ventures as an entrepreneur-in-residence, and raised $8 million to develop Clicker in October 2008. Jim was recently named one of Forbes Magazine's 'Names You Need to Know in 2011.' Lanzone holds a BA from UCLA and a JD/MBA from Emory University."
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