Rovi Targets Connected TVs in Advertising Trial

--By Steve Donohue

Rovi is beginning to test ways to sell advertising on broadband connected TVs from Samsung and other consumer electronics manufacturers.

The interactive program guide vendor announced Tuesday that it had signed Carnival Cruise Lines and clients of interactive TV ad agency BrightLine to participate in a trial that it will run in North America. It also plans to conduct trials in the United Kingdom and Canada during the second half of 2011.

Rovi already generates revenue by selling banners and interactive ads on IPGs deployed in cable homes. If it succeeds with its "Smart TV Field Trial," the company could make a business of selling ads on the IPGs running on broadband connected TVs, Blu-ray players and other devices.

Its field trials will test how advertisers can run campaigns for sweepstakes and ads that allow viewers to request more information with a click of the remote (RFIs). Rovi said it'll also test how advertisers can use connected TVs for social networking, commerce, and the deployment of interactive widgets.

Rovi's tests on connected TVs expands the reach of its ad network, which reaches more than 30 million US homes. The company estimates that it could potentially generate tens of millions of ad impressions during the course of its trials. More.

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