Lack of Programming Deals Thwarts SnappyTV



SnappyTV is gaining some attention for its social TV viewing site, which allows users to share 20-second video clips from shows with friends on Facebook and Twitter. But since it only has rights to share clips from a handful of programs from Fox, Bravo, and other networks, it could be difficult for SnappyTV to attract a broad following.

Founder Mike Folgner says he got the idea for the site after watching the news feeds on social networks "explode" in response to TV events such as "American Idol" performances or Landon Donovan's soccer goal at the World Cup last summer.

"The chatter was deafening, but no video," Folgner , SnappyTV's CEO, wrote on the company blog Thursday. He pointed to the frustration Web surfers have in finding video clips on the Web from shows their friends are talking about.

SnappyTV wants to crate the "first rights friendly platform for sharing clips from live television," Folger says. The company is looking to strike deals with TV networks to promote their shows.

But so far, SnappyTV only has permission to allow users to share clips from a handful of programs from Fox, Bravo, HDNet, C-SPAN and Fox Sports North. Its most popular shows include Fox's "Family Guy" and "Bones" and Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

SnappyTV has other "partnerships" with other programmers, but Folger wrote on his blog that the company can't talk about them yet. "It turns out Hollywood and Silicon Valley can work together," he added.

In addition to selecting clips through SnappyTV's Web site, viewers with Apple's iPhone can download a SnappyTV app which allows them to select and share videos with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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