History Launches Civil War iPad App


History launched a paid app focused on the American Civil war that offers owners of Apple's iPad everything from daily news and photos to help using Morse code to send telegrams via Twitter

The cable network appears confident that history buffs will keep driving demand to its $7.99 The Civil War Today App – it has committed to producing daily updates for the app for four years. The History Channel told [itvt] that Apple has already named the app its iPad App of the week, and that it is generating strong reviews from customers on the iTunes Store. (Note: [itvt] will confirm this soon.)

Marking the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the app features games, photos, newspaper clips, and first-hand accounts from the war in the form of letters and diary entries. Each day, iPad owners that download the app will receive "This Day in Cvil War History" updates that will detail events in "real time," History said. 

Formerly known as History Channel, the A&E Television Networks-owned channel said the app takes advantage of the Apple's Airplay wireless technology to let viewers send content from the app to an Apple TV device connected to a TV. 

It also uses the iPad's multi-finger swiping feature to allow users to navigate through time. History said a one-finger swipe moves a day, a two-finger swipe for a week, a three-finger swipe for a month, and a four-finger swipe can jump the user one year in time. 

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