Announcing the Schedule of Sessions for the TV of Tomorrow Show 2011


[itvt] is pleased to announce the schedule of sessions for the TV of Tomorrow Show 2011 (May 17th and 18th, San Francisco). A PDF version can also be downloaded HERE.


7:30-8:30 AM
Registration, Breakfast, Schmoozing and Networking

8:00 AM
Forum Room
Forum Room Opened

Forum Room
Welcoming Address by Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief of [itvt], and Sam
Pemberton, CEO of Presenting Sponsor, Softel Group


Forum Room
ITV Today: The Operator Perspective

This session brings together representatives from cable, satellite and telco TV to give interactive TV stakeholders--including advertisers, agencies, broadcasters and technology vendors--an opportunity to learn about operators' "single-screen" interactive TV deployments to date, and their plans for implementing single-screen ITV over the next year or so. In addition to hearing operators share, discuss and debate their vision of television as a two-way--and more engaging--platform, attendees will learn: How broadly EBIF has been deployed to-date and how large its footprint is likely to be by the end of 2011; how the market is responding to operators' interactive TV initiatives, especially in the advertising and commerce spaces; the strategies and tactics that operators are adopting in order to evangelize their interactive TV capabilities to advertisers and other interested parties; whether there is an opportunity for cable, satellite and telco TV to cooperate to advance the industry; how operators believe single-screen interactive TV relates to other new developments in ITV, such as the increasing popularity of smartphone- and tablet-based co-viewing and streaming apps; and how tru2way figures into operators' plans. Panelists include:

  • Jeff Baumgartner, Light Reading Cable (moderator)
  • Chris Faw, SVP of Operations, Time Warner Cable Media Sales
  • Joel Hassell, SVP of Engineering and Technical operations, Canoe Ventures
  • Jason Malamud, General Manager, Verizon FiOS Advertising
  • Roland Noll, Executive Director of Integrated Advertising and Commerce, AT&T
  • Larry Samuels, General Manager, Advanced TV, DISH Network


Screening Room
Universal Media Identifiers and their Role in Enabling Scalable Advanced TV Services
The benefits of unique identifiers are undisputed. Books, music and software are just a few content types that have widely adopted global identifier standards. Many years into the shift from analog/physical media-based to digital and file-based workflows, the entertainment industry is moving to adopt Universal Media Identifiers (UMID) for assets moving across the supply chain, including movies, TV shows and advertising. This session will feature experts from various players in the broadcast and interactive TV supply chains, who will address key use cases, benefits and implementation challenges for Universal Media Identifiers from different perspectives. Topics to be addressed include: Recent developments in Universal Media Identifiers for content and advertising, and their significance for interactive TV and TV Everywhere; the technical and business imperatives for an ideal identifier system (cost, interoperability, measurement, etc.); UMID and the TV content supply chain (how do we operationalize unique identification and description? what are the integration points? who needs to buy in?); the implications of UMID for the measurement and analytics communities; and use cases that can be addressed with minimum disruption and cost and that yield the most benefit. Panelists include:

  • Judson Cary, VP of Video Technology Policy, CableLabs (moderator)
  • Jane Clarke, Managing Director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)
  • Harold Geller, SVP of Cross-Industry Workflow, 4A's/Managing Director, Ad-ID
  • Rebecca Rusk Lim, Senior Director of Advanced Entertainment, Starz Entertainment
  • Kip Welch, Chairman and President, Entertainment ID Registry Association (EIDR)/VP of Business Development, MovieLabs

Forum Room
ITV Tomorrow: EBIF, tru2way, IPTV, OTT and Beyond

This session will focus on the key technologies and trends shaping the near- and long-term future of interactive television, from services and applications to infrastructure and devices. A key focus of the session will be to examine how the operator-driven ITV space is evolving to take other emerging (interactive) television technologies and trends into account. A panel of ITV technology and product strategists will discuss new television platforms ranging from managed IPTV to over-the-top offerings and how effective and potentially successful these may be in shaping the future of television. Among other issues, panelists will explore how the current EBIF platform being deployed by digital cable operators--as well as cable's tru2way platform--complements or competes with IP-based solutions and infrastructures, and will attempt to identify EBIF's and tru2way's greatest value going forward. Are EBIF and tru2way a bridge to a brave new multiscreen/OTT world? Panelists include:

  • David de Andrade, Engineering Fellow, Video Software Architecture, Comcast
  • Don Dulchinos, SVP of Advanced Platforms and Services, CableLabs
  • Leslie Ellis, Translation Please/Multichannel News (moderator)
  • Malia Flynn, VP of Product Development, Canoe Ventures
  • David Preisman, VP of Interactive Television, Showtime Networks
  • Vibha Rustagi, President and CEO, itaas

Screening Room
Understanding the Interactive Consumer

This session--featuring representatives of three companies that specialize in collecting and interpreting viewer and consumer data--will leverage those companies' extensive research on changing viewing habits to provide attendees with an in-depth profile of today's interactive, multiplatform consumer. What forms of interactive, on-demand and multiplatform programming are consumers watching? When, where and how are they watching it? What factors are influencing their behavior? And how can a more granular understanding of interactive and multiplatform TV viewing assist content providers' and advertisers' engagement and business strategies? Each company on the panel will attempt not only to share actionable insights about today's consumers and their evolving viewing habits, but to answer attendees' most pressing questions. Panelists include:

  • Lindsay S. Crittendon, Managing Director, San Francisco, Frank N. Magid Associates (moderator)
  • Joan Fitzgerald, VP of Television Sales and Business Development, comScore
  • Cathy Hetzel, President, Advanced Media and Information Division, Rentrak


Schmoozing and Networking Break


Forum Room
Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, in Conversation with Molly Wood, Executive Editor, CNET TV


Forum Room
Creative Visions I

This session--and a companion session the next day--will feature lectures and presentations that showcase new creative visions in interactive television and video. The sessions will be hosted by Nick DeMartino, founder of the American Film Institute Enhanced Television Workshop (subsequently renamed the AFI Digital Content Lab), an organization that did much to foster creativity and innovation in the ITV space.

  • Dustin Callif, Executive Producer of Digital at Tool of North America, will draw on his work on "Touching Stories," an application that contains four interactive live-action short films designed specifically for the iPad, in order to illustrate how touch and physical movement can be used to drive an interactive narrative.
  • Michael Payne, Director of Experience Design at Intel, will focus on the user experience of connected TV, and attempt to define the roles that content integration, social presence, new forms of interaction and multiple screens need to play in that experience going forward.
  • Paula Byrne, Managing Director at Pushbutton, will focus on user
    experience (UX) design, addressing such topics as why UX is now so
    important; what is right and what is wrong with current UX design; how
    technology is impacting UX design today; and how it will impact it in the


Screening Room
Industry Organizations Respond to the TV of Tomorrow

This session will bring together representatives of major industry organizations in the interactive TV, cable, programming, and advertising spaces, in order to cast light on how those organizations are responding to the emergence of interactive, social and multiplatform TV. Among other things, panelists will discuss how their respective organizations are reaching out to new constituencies in order to reflect the increasingly cross-platform/converged nature of television; explain how they are educating their membership about new, interactive TV technologies, platforms and formats; and explore whether and how they should coordinate their efforts going forward. Panelists include:

  • Angie Britt, VP of Advanced Products, Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM)
  • Allison Dollar, CEO, Interactive Television Alliance (moderator)
  • Harold Geller, SVP of Cross-Industry Workflow, American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's)/Managing Director, Ad-ID
  • Michael Theodore, VP of Member Services, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)


Master Class: eBay's Development of "Watch with eBay," a Tablet-Based Companion App for "The Bold and The Beautiful," Powered by Gracenote's ACR Technology and RCDb's Time Data

This Master Class will show how an app developer can leverage Gracenote's automatic content recognition (ACR) technology and RCDb Time Data, in order to power a tablet-based, t-commerce- and social media-enabled, broadcast-synchronized companion experience. The eBay "Watch with eBay" tablet application is built on the RCDb Tablet SDK, and is enhanced by the RCDb Time Data Web service, which presents scene-based and frame-level metadata to the app. RCDb Time Data actuates related contextual, social, and monetization opportunities (ad insertion, product placement and purchases). The Master Class will provide attendees with an understanding of how eBay, arguably one of the world's most successful app developers, is driving new TV user experiences in concert with technology platform and broadcast programming partners. Panelists include:

  • Doug Clarke, Director of Embedded Software, RCDb
  • Marc Hosein, Director of Platform Business Solutions, eBay
  • Geoff Katz, Executive Producer, RCDb
  • Christine Waage, EVP of Programming Sales, "The Bold and The Beautiful"
  • Stephen White, SVP of Product and Content Management, Gracenote



Lunch Break, Schmoozing and Networking

1:00-2:00 PM
Forum Room
The iTV Doctor Is In!: The Anatomy of Automatic Content Recognition

This session--moderated by Rick Howe, author of the [itvt] column, "The iTV Doctor Is In!"--will bring together representatives of some of the leading companies in the Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) space, in order to help attendees understand this rapidly emerging field. The good doctor will examine the different ways in which these companies' ACR solutions are linking TV programs to interactive and social-media experiences on companion devices; dissect the technologies that underlie those solutions; diagnose their respective advantages and disadvantages; and offer a prognosis of how they will impact the interactive TV space--and the television industry in general--over the coming months and years. Panelists include:

  • Adam Cahan, CEO, IntoNow
  • Evan Krauss, EVP of Advertising Sales, Shazam
  • Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor (moderator)
  • Mike Petrocelli, VP Sales and Business Development , The Americas, Civolution
  • Ajay Shah, CEO, Spot411/TVplus
  • Arvind Singh, CEO, Aleph Labs/BeyondTV
  • Aimee Viles, VP, New Media, Bravo Media

Screening Room
Meeting the Challenges of Multiplatform Distribution

This session will address the challenges faced by broadcasters and networks as they develop strategies for distributing, marketing and monetizing their programming and applications in a multiplatform universe. A panel composed of representatives of major cable networks and representatives of vendors and platform and service providers in the VOD, TV Everywhere, mobile-TV, playout and content-security spaces will discuss such issues as: How to effectively market, promote and package on-demand programming and interactive services in a multiplatform world; the degree to which VOD programming can be monetized through advertising; whether VOD is better thought of as a promotional tool or as a programming platform in its own right; the challenges involved in delivering interactive TV apps to multiple pay- and connected-TV platforms; how pay-TV customers are responding to the increasing array of TV Everywhere offerings available to them, and whether and how those offerings are changing viewing habits and viewer expectations; best practices for distributing content to electronic sell-through platforms; which emerging platforms broadcasters and networks believe have the most potential for their business; and what their greatest concerns are about protecting their content. Panelists include:

  • Rick Herman, SVP of Business and Corporate Development, MobiTV
  • Ed Humphrey, President of the Americas, Softel Group
  • Brian D. Matthews, Chief Marketing Officer, Avail-TVN
  • Arthur Orduna, CTO, Canoe Ventures (moderator)
  • Gabe Sauerhoff, VP of Digital Media Distribution, Discovery Communications
  • Richard Shirley, VP of Distribution Business Development, A&E Television Networks
  • Ashley Still, Director of Product Management, Video, Adobe Pass
  • Nick Troiano, President, BlackArrow
  • Robin Wilson, VP of Business Development, Nagra-Kudelski


YAW Room
Master Class: EBIF Application Development Guidelines from Comcast's Three-Year EBIF Deployment Experience

Comcast has deployed several bound and unbound EBIF applications nationally over the past three years. Some apps were developed internally as guide extensions or widgets; other apps were developed for programmers by various third parties. In order to minimize onboarding time of new apps through the "development/QA/ deployment" process pipeline, Comcast has accumulated development guidelines. This Master Class with Comcast distinguished engineer, Robert Dandrea, will provide a high-level overview of the Comcast EBIF ecosystem, and then summarize some of the more important guidelines, in order to give app developers a view into the critical aspects of EBIF development that impact application behavior on a large MSO platform. Topics to be addressed include: Handling various set-top platforms such as legacy Motorola and tru2way (including various graphics resolution issues); designing bound apps to properly pass through Comcast's video delivery pathways (including impacts to video bandwidth consumption, and impacts of local re-encoding, grooming and ad splicing); handling app lifecycle changes generated by DVR and timeshift modes; managing set-top box DRAM; proper design for application resource updates; limitations on application HTTP messaging; and linking to PC/smartphone/pad devices. Session leader:

  • Robert Dandrea, Distinguished Engineer, National Engineering and Technical Operations, Comcast

Forum Room
INdustry: Content-Aware Televisions and the Emergence of Hybrid ITV

The next generation of smart TV's appears set to become content-aware: as a result of the incorporation of automatic content recognition (ACR) technology into TV processors, smart TV's will be able to detect what the viewer is watching, and enable broadband interactive applications and media to run on top of, in concert with, or in place of live TV. This session--moderated by Michael Collette, author of [itvt]'s INdustry column--will explore the possible implications of content-aware smart TV for the advertising, broadcast/network, CE and pay-TV industries--with a particular focus on the monetization of television: can the incorporation of ACR technology into television sets--and the improved engagement, targeting and messaging that this may enable--help television claw back the estimated $20 billion in annual ad spend which over the past decade or so has shifted to new media? Panelists include:

  • Sam Chang, General Manager of Smart-TV Planning, Strategy and Key Partner Management, LG Electronics
  • Michael Collette, Managing Director, MediaTech Strategies (moderator)
  • Dan Eakins, CEO, Zeitera
  • Chris Falkner, VP of Advanced Advertising Technology and Operations, NBC Universal
  • Marcelino Ford-Livene, General Manager of Interactive Content and Advanced Advertising Development, Intel Digital Home Group
  • Zane Vella, CEO, RCDb

Screening Room
StoryCentric: Forget about the T-Word. It's All about the Story
Fiction, reality or a blend of both, top storytellers will tell you that in a multiplatform world it is still all about the story. But which platform should serve as the anchor and how do you prioritize what platforms you use and when? How can they work together? Where does the budget come from and how do you measure success? Should technology lead the storytellers or vice versa? And, when the audience literally becomes part of the story, how do you control them? Join moderator Brian Seth Hurst, host of [itvt]'s StoryCentric video column, as he digs into the methods and the madness of multiplatform, interactive storytelling with a panel composed of pioneers of the genre and an executive from a cable network with a history of embracing new media. Panelists include:

  • Brian Clark, CEO, GMD Studios
  • Lisa Hsia, EVP of Digital Media, Bravo
  • Brian Seth Hurst, CEO, The Opportunity Management Company (moderator)
  • Mike Monello, Executive Creative Director, Campfire
  • Tawny Schlieski, Media Portfolio Manager, Interaction and Experience Research Group, Intel Labs


Schmoozing and Networking Break

Forum Room
New Control Technologies: Transforming the Experience and Business of Television

Motion-sensing and voice-recognition technologies are poised to transform television, allowing viewers to use hand gestures and voice commands to navigate live TV, video-on-demand and Internet video programming. Gesture-based technology is already gaining traction in the gaming sector through consoles such as the Xbox 360 with Kinect and the Nintendo Wii, and motion-control cameras could soon be deployed in cable set-top boxes and connected TV's. This session, which will feature demonstrations of motion-control technology and representatives of companies driving advances in the sector, will address such topics as: Challenges in deploying gesture- and voice-based navigation systems to millions of TV viewers, and embedding the technology in set-tops and connected devices; how the technology works, and challenges the industry faces in educating viewers on using hand gestures to navigate video programming. the potential for using 3D motion-control cameras in t-commerce, including applications that could allow clothing retailers to take measurements of viewers standing in front of a TV; how motion-sensing technology could be used by ratings firms, programmers and advertisers to detect if viewers are watching programming, and how the industry could overcome concerns about privacy; and new interactive TV applications being developed with motion-control technology. Panelists include:

  • Steve Donohue, [itvt]/Light Reading Cable (moderator)
  • Rob Girling, Principal, Artefact
  • Iris Finkelstein-Sagi, Director of Strategic Marketing, PrimeSense
  • Kevin Shaw, CTO, Sensor Platforms
  • Dan Simpkins, CEO, Hillcrest Labs

Screening Room
The Emerging Primacy of the App: The "Appification" of TV and its Implications

This session--helmed by [itvt] blogger, Wes Williams--will explore the "appification" of television--i.e. how apps are not only becoming an increasingly important part of the television business and viewing experience (thanks to such phenomena as the emergence of the app store model on connected-TV and pay-TV; the availability of connected-TV and hybrid-TV platforms that allow rich interactive TV content and services to be easily sourced from the Internet cloud; and the increasing use of second-screen devices in conjunction with TV viewing), but have the potential to become a new form of TV/entertainment content in their own right that exists across and between platforms. Panelists will address such issues as: The ways in which the various TV stakeholders--including broadcasters/programmers, operators and CE manufacturers--are incorporating apps into their business strategies, and how successful they have been to date; which kinds of apps are proving most popular with viewers and why; whether viewers will come to consider second-screen broadcast-companion apps to be an integral part of programming and, if so, what new business and production models will emerge to take this into account, and who will control a program's "voice" across platforms--the show producer, the network or the app creator?; the extent to which the popularity of companion apps will result in the "gamification" of television; the implications for the television and mobile industries of such phenomena as the portability of apps across platforms and the emergence of apps that provide a hybrid TV/mobile user experience; and whether apps that enhance movies and TV programming in a multifaceted interactive experience could eventually outgrow their ancillary status to become a genre of entertainment in their own right. Panelists include:

  • Dan Albritton, President and CTO, MegaPhone Labs
  • Alan Queen, CTO, Movl (Winner of Samsung's "Free the TV Challenge" App-Development Contest)
  • Jasper Smith, CEO, PlayJam
  • Edgar Villalpando, SVP of Marketing, ActiveVideo Networks
  • Wes Williams, Director of Online Production, Scripps Networks (moderator)
  • Rachelle Zoffer, Director of Content Strategy and Acquisition, Interactive TV, Verizon FiOS

Forum Room
A Moment in Time: The Business Case for Single- and Multi-Screen Interactivity

At a point in time when support for single-screen interactive TV has finally become broadly implemented across pay-TV platforms, mobile devices--including smartphones, tablets and laptops--have begun to emerge both as programming platforms in their own right and as interactive companion platforms for TV viewing. This session will explore the fast-evolving interrelationships between single-screen and multi-screen interactive TV both from a user-experience perspective and from a business perspective, asking such questions as: Will consumers and content developers prefer a single-screen or a multi-screen interactive experience, and--if their preference is for multi-screen experiences--on which screens? What are the business cases for developing and deploying both--or either--single-screen or multi-screen interactive experiences? And how, specifically, should the ITV community develop cross-platform experiences that simultaneously engage viewers and deliver a meaningful ROI? Panelists include:

  • Mike Bloxham, VP Insights and Consulting, Trendline Interactive
  • Joe Gillespie, President and CEO, Zoove
  • Gerard Kunkel, Former SVP of User Experience and Product Design at Comcast (moderator)
  • Olivier Lacour, VP of Design, NDS
  • John P. Roberts, SVP of Digital Content and Cross-Platform Entertainment, The Hub

Screening Room
The Emerging Connected-TV Content Ecosystem

This session will examine the various ways in which the increasing popularity of connected-TV devices (including smart-TV's, games consoles, OTT set-top boxes and more) is enabling the delivery of new kinds of programming and interactive experiences to the living room. Panelists will also attempt to determine how serious a threat the so-called "cord-cutting" phenomenon is to traditional pay-TV operators--i.e. whether and how the content ecosystem enabled by the emergence of connected TV can become a viable alternative to multichannel pay-TV services for the average consumer. Topics to be addressed include: What kinds of content and interactive experiences are proving popular on connected TV and why; what the business opportunities are in the emerging connected-TV content space and which kinds of players are best positioned to take advantage of them; the challenges faced by independent content producers when targeting connected-TV platforms; the extent to which the availability of sports coverage and other live content on connected TV will make consumers more willing to cut the cord; and how online content providers are marketing and monetizing their offerings in the living room. Panelists include:

  • Michael Aragon, VP and General Manager of Global Digital Video Distribution and Operations, Sony Network Entertainment
  • Eric Elia, VP of TV Solutions and Professional Services, Brightcove
  • Ron Jacoby, VP of Connected TV, Yahoo!
  • Bill Niemeyer, Senior Analyst, The Diffusion Group (moderator)
  • Shalini Govil-Pai, Group Manager, Partner Technologies and Strategy for YouTube and TV, Google
  • Jack Perry, CEO, Syncbak

Forum Room
Music Video and Interactivity

The panelists for this session include the founder of a network that has pioneered audience participation in music television, a director who has created interactive music videos for such artists as Macy Gray and Devo, and executives from companies whose solutions are powering a number of high-profile interactive music video projects. They will examine the various ways in which the music industry is embracing interactive TV--a development evidenced by such phenomena as clickable and 360-degree music videos; rich-media, interactive smartphone apps that complement a music video release; music video premieres on Facebook; and the incorporation of viewer voting, social viewing and other forms of audience participation into music television. Panelists will also explore how interactivity is likely to impact music television and music video going forward; and attempt to identify some of the opportunities that are opening up in the music industry for interactive TV and video companies. Panelists include:

  • Matt Apfel, VP of Content,
  • David Del Beccaro, President and CEO, Music Choice
  • Myles M. McGovern, President and CEO, Immersive Media
  • Jason Trucco (Director of 360-Degree Music Videos for Macy Gray and Devo)

Screening Room

This session will examine what has been learned to date from real-world deployments of t-commerce on pay-TV platforms and of v-commerce on the Web; and will also explore how the companies behind these early deployments, as well as other emerging players in the space--including companies with solutions for contextual commerce, second-screen commerce, social media-powered commerce and more--see t- and v-commerce evolving in the future. Panelists will address such topics as: How consumers are responding to t- and v-commerce apps; whether broadcasters and networks believe that programming-contextual t-commerce could become a significant part of their revenue mix; how new phenomena, such as the emergence of automatic content recognition and the increasing popularity of connected-TV and second-screen devices, are likely to impact t-commerce going forward; the challenges involved in developing a payment and fulfillment infrastructure; the most effective ways to incorporate "hotspotting" and other commerce triggers into video content; and whether t-commerce--and the direct monetization of programming and advertising that it promises to make possible--could fundamentally transform the economics of television. Panelists include:

  • Jeff Bonin, Principal, JAB Consulting
  • Tom Freeman, CEO, Splat Interactive
  • Tony Hilton, President, ICE Innovative Technologies
  • Michael Huegel, CEO, icueTV
  • Abe McCallum, CEO, Clikthrough
  • Patrick Peters, EVP and General Manager of Programming, FourthWall Media
  • Susan Rits, CEO, Zazum
  • Malcom Stanley, General Manager of Monetization, SeaChange International

Cocktail Reception, Sponsored by Canoe Ventures




7:30-8:30 AM
Registration, Breakfast, Schmoozing and Networking

8:00 AM
Forum Room
Forum Room Opened

Forum Room
Welcoming Address by [itvt] and Announcement of the Winner of the Breakaway Video Contest


Forum Room
The Business of ITV

This session builds on Tuesday's opening session ("ITV Today: The Operators' Perspective") in order to explore how broadcasters, networks and advertising agencies are developing a business on top of the single-screen ITV technology infrastructure that cable, satellite and telco-TV operators have put in place over the past few years. The session will also examine how the emerging business of ITV is likely to evolve going forward. In addition to outlining their own ITV strategies and lessons learned, panelists will discuss how the ITV business ecosystem is organized today; assess strategies for evangelizing the business case for ITV to advertisers and other key players; enumerate the opportunities and challenges that are key to making interactivity a routine consideration in multiplatform campaign development; and identify the factors that are likely to impact the evolution of the ITV business going forward. Panelists include:

  • Chris Allen, VP/Director of Video Innovation, SMGx
  • Bruce Dennler, SVP of Agency Relations, Canoe Ventures
  • Craig Leddy, Principal, Interactive TV Works (moderator)
  • Peter Low, President and CEO, Ensequence
  • Bill Rosolie, EVP of Advertising Sales, Rainbow Media

Screening Room
The AllVid Debate

This session--featuring a panel composed of proponents and opponents of the FCC's controversial "AllVid" proposal (which foresees IP gateways and adapters that would bridge the gap between smart, broadband-connected video devices and the managed networks of cable, telco-TV and satellite-TV operators), and moderated by a journalist who has covered the issue in depth--will explore the issues that separate the two sides, attempt to predict how these issues will play out over the coming months, and assess how significantly and in what ways the AllVid debate and its outcome will impact the interactive television industry and the TV industry in general. Panelists include:

  • Jeff Baumgartner, Light Reading Cable (moderator)
  • Sherry Brennan, SVP, Sales Strategy and Development, Affiliate Sales and Marketing, Fox
  • Steve Tranter, VP of Interactive and Broadband, NDS
  • Robin Wilson, VP of Business Development, Nagra-Kudelski
  • Matt Zinn, SVP, General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, TiVo
  • AllVid Opponents to Be Announced Shortly

Forum Room
Designing for Television's Multiplatform Future

As television becomes a cross-platform experience--not only in the sense that programming is now being delivered to an array of different platforms, but in the sense that second-screen devices and companion apps are increasingly becoming a significant component of the viewing experience--television designers are faced with the quandary of how to develop a consistent, user-friendly experience across multiple platforms, while simultaneously taking advantage of the unique capabilities of each of those platforms to add to the viewing experience. They must also, arguably, become futurists--i.e. address the question of how to envision a multiscreen TV experience that is not just a mere aggregate of today's single-screen experiences, but a new, unified experience in its own right that aspires to be the TV of tomorrow. This session, moderated by futurist and occasional [itvt] columnist Brian David Johnson, will feature a group of high-profile television design experts and futurists, who will provide practical insights into how they are designing for multiplatform TV, and also discuss the extent to which the design of today's television experiences should be shaped by a conception of TV's future. Panelists include:

  • Brian David Johnson, Futurist, Intel (moderator)
  • Gavin Kelly, Principal, Artefact
  • Rebecca Rusk Lim, Senior Director of Advanced Entertainment, Starz Entertainment
  • Gregory Lindley, Chief Experience Officer, Peel
  • Dewey Reid, Chief Creative Officer,
  • Margret Schmidt, VP of User Experience Design, TiVo


Screening Room
Galvanizing a Developer Community

This session will explore the ways in which the cable/pay-TV and the consumer electronics/connected-TV industries are cultivating developer communities for their platforms. Panelists will discuss the challenges entailed in building, educating and inspiring third-party developer communities, and the practices that have worked best for overcoming those challenges. Meanwhile, representatives of companies that have developed apps for cable and for CE platforms will explain what they need from developer programs, and provide feedback on how successfully those programs have responded to their needs to date. Panelists will also explore the future of developer programs, in light of such "convergence"-related developments as cable's embrace of the iPad and connected TV, the possible opening up of the cable API, the eventual move of cable to IP, etc. Panelists include:

  • Gerard Johnson, Principal, Media and Entertainment, HCL
  • Will Kreth, Senior Director of Advanced Video Strategy, Time Warner Cable/Founder of OEDN (moderator)
  • Eric Miller, CEO, Flashlight Engineering
  • Juan Pablo Gnecco, CEO, MOVL
  • Sam Pemberton, CEO, Softel
  • Greg Thomson, VP of Advanced Product Development, Comcast
  • Google TV Representative to Be Announced Shortly

Schmoozing and Networking Break

Forum Room
Facebook and Social TV: Presentation and Q&A with Facebook's Director of Media Partnerships, Justin Osofsky

Justin Osofsky, who oversees Facebook's media partnerships, will cast light on Facebook's role in the social TV phenomenon to date and on the opportunity for entertainment companies to build social experiences on the Facebook platform in the future. Following a short presentation, he will engage in a question-and-answer session with the audience.

Forum Room
Social TV and its Impact on the Marketing, Monetization and Experience of Television

Social media are impacting both how television shows are marketed, promoted and discovered, and how they are viewed--among other things, reviving linear television in what until recently was expected to be a largely on-demand TV age. The social TV phenomenon arguably also has the potential to transform the economics of television by fostering social commerce and by enabling the generation of highly granular data on viewer engagement with programming and advertising. This session, which features representatives of two leading players in the social TV space, two start-ups that are offering alternative approaches to social TV, and a programming network that is embracing social media as an integral part of its marketing strategy, will address such issues as: Best practices and challenges when using social media as a promotional tool--can social media be a double-edged sword?; the kinds of data on viewer response to programming and advertising that social TV is generating; the prospects for TV-specific platforms in a social media environment that appears to be increasingly dominated by Facebook and Twitter; the reward psychology of social TV--how effectively virtual and real rewards, such as badges, credits, game-play and prizes, are being used to promote viewer engagement with programming; how social TV relates to the emerging field of social commerce; the respective benefits of consumer-facing, white-label, ACR-based and check-in-based approaches to social TV; how best to enable personalization of the social TV stream; and the extent to which programmers should consider building social-media elements into a show from the ground-up. Panelists include:

  • Todd Greene, CEO, Loyalize
  • Amber Harris, Director of Social Media, Discovery Communications
  • Fraser Kelton, COO, GetGlue
  • Ryan Lawler, NewTeeVee (moderator)
  • Somrat Miyogi, CEO, Miso
  • Will Wright, Co-Creator of "Bar Karma" (Current TV), Creator of "The Sims"


Screening Room
10 Things We Want from EBIF (and tru2way)

This highly interactive, dialog-driven session will--as its title suggests--see representatives from companies that have worked extensively with EBIF technology coming together to draw up a wishlist for how that spec--as well as cable's tru2way spec--should be developed going forward. Panelists will also share their thoughts on EBIF's and tru2way's relationships to other technologies, including IPTV and connected TV. The audience will be strongly encouraged to engage in discussion with the panelists and help them develop their wishlist--which will be published shortly afterwards in the [itvt] newsletter and Web site. Panelists include:

  • Clayton Banks, President and Executive Producer, Ember Media (moderator)
  • Brandon Brown, CEO, Zodiac Interactive
  • Enzo D'Anna, Director of Sales, Americas, Strategy & Technology
  • Ellen Dudar, Chief Product Officer, FourthWall Media
  • Aslam Khader, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Ensequence
  • John Maguire, Director of Product Strategy, TV technology, S3 Group
  • Frank Sandoval, Principal Architect, CableLabs


Lunch Break, Sponsored by, Visible World


Forum Room
The 8th Annual Awards for Leadership in Interactive and Multiplatform Television

[itvt] will present our 8th Annual Awards for Leadership in Interactive and Multiplatform Television at a ceremony at the TV of Tomorrow Show.

The Awards, which debuted in 2004 at the NCTA National Show in New Orleans, honor industry-shaping companies, organizations and individuals. They recognize excellence in eight categories:

  • "Most Significant Impact": the company or organization that has had the most significant impact on the industry as a whole over the past year.
  • "Most Significant Newcomer": the company or organization that was the most significant newcomer/breakthrough player of the past year.
  • "Most Significant Technology, Platform or Product": the company or organization that invented the most innovative and disruptive technology, platform or product of the past year.
  • "Most Significant Content Offering": the company or organization that created the most innovative and disruptive content offering of the past year.
  • "Most Innovative Design or User Interface": the company or organization that created the most innovative and disruptive design/user interface/content-navigation schema of the past year.
  • "Individual Leadership I": an individual who demonstrated notable leadership in the interactive, multiplatform TV industry over the past year, and whose efforts helped move that industry forward.
  • "Individual Leadership II": an individual who demonstrated notable leadership in the interactive, multiplatform TV industry over the past year, and whose efforts helped move that industry forward.
  • "ITV All-Star": an individual who has a long-term track record of leadership in the interactive multiplatform television industry, and who is an appropriate candidate for membership in an ITV Hall of Fame.


Forum Room
Broadcast-Synchronized Companion Apps: Lessons from the Field

In the year or so since the launch of the iPad, broadcast-synchronized companion apps on that platform have emerged as a key weapon in broadcasters' and networks' interactive arsenal--with, most notably, ABC and Fox rolling out synchronized apps for their hit shows "Grey's Anatomy" and "Bones," and The Weather Channel according such an app a high-profile role in promotional activities for its new show, "From the Edge with Peter Lik." Drawing on the expertise of the technologists, designers and network executives behind these apps, this session will explore what has been learned so far about broadcast-synchronized interactive TV on the iPad--as well as on the iPhone and similar devices--addressing such questions as: which kinds of content (e.g. behind-the-scenes footage vs. polls and trivia; director's notes vs. show content extensions; etc.) and presentation formats (e.g. images vs text; sliders vs. checkboxes; etc.) work best; and what kinds of editorial/programming skills are required in order to "direct" or "choreograph" broadcast-synchronized, second-screen interactive experiences most effectively. Helmed by interactive TV industry veteran, Channing Dawson, the panel for this session includes the designer of Fox's "Bones Companion App"; the executive in charge of The Weather Channel's "From the Edge with Peter Lik" app; the executive in charge of the technology that powers that app and ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" app; and an executive from a company that is repurposing augmented reality technologies in order to enable broadcast-synchronized second-screen experiences on smartphones. Panelists include:

  • Channing Dawson, Senior Advisor, Scripps Networks (moderator)
  • John Hashimoto, Director of Product Development for ITV/VOD/Connected TV, The Weather Channel
  • Scott Maddux, SVP of Product Development, Nielsen
  • Lisa Murphy, Head of Sales and Marketing, metaio Inc.
  • Dewey Reid, Chief Creative Officer,


Screening Room
Formation of the New Addressable TV Advertising Ecosystem: Reinventing the Ecosystem of Display?

Now that addressable TV advertising has launched and appears set to continue to expand, a new ecosystem for planning, buying, selling and measuring this advertising will likely emerge. This ecosystem will look very different from that of traditional TV and may resemble more that of display advertising on the Internet. If so, will we soon have an alphabet soup of intermediaries in addressable TV advertising, just as we have in display--such as DSP's, SSP's, DMP's, exchanges, etc? This session will see a panel of experts, with a wide range of expertise across the advertising ecosystem, discuss and debate how this new addressable TV ecosystem will emerge, what its drivers and impediments are, how it will be similar to and different from display, and which players stand to win and which to lose. Panelists include:

  • Chris Allen, VP/Director of Video Innovation, SMGx
  • Bruce A. Biegel, Managing Director, Winterberry Group
  • Pravin Chandiramani, VP of Business Development, Simulmedia
  • Walt Horstman, SVP of Media Solutions, Visible World (moderator)
  • Jonathan Ricard, SVP of Digital, IXI Data


Forum Room
Creative Visions II

This session--and a companion session the previous day--will feature lectures and presentations that showcase new creative visions in interactive television and video. The sessions will be hosted by Nick DeMartino, founder of the American Film Institute Enhanced Television Workshop (subsequently renamed the AFI Digital Content Lab), an organization that did much to foster creativity and innovation in the ITV space.

  • Itamar Gilad, Product Manager for Interactive video at YouTube, will provide statistics and use cases illustrating how YouTube's Annotations technology, which the company launched without much fanfare back in 2008, has ignited an explosion of interactive video creativity--much of it from non-professional users--in such areas as gaming, tutorials, promotion and cross-promotion, choose-your-own-adventure narratives, advertising and more.
  • Olivier Lacour, VP of Design at NDS, will draw on learnings from focus groups on EPG's and from NDS's deployment of its Snowflake user interface with Portuguese operator, Zon Multimedia, in order to elaborate a vision for the future of TV guides and UI's.
  • Nathan Shedroff, Chair of the MBA in Design Strategy Program at the California College of the Arts, and Chris Noessel, Director of Interaction Design at Cooper, will argue that interaction designers can learn from interfaces in science-fiction films in order to solve real-world design and usability problems.


Screening Room
Re-Inventing TV Advertising as a Real-Time Medium

This session will explore how new, converged technologies and platforms, that allow television advertising to take advantage of the Internet's suitability for a) rapid creation and updating of interactive content and services, b) detailed tracking and measurement and other forms of instant data generation, and c) social media, could enable the reinvention of TV advertising as a "real-time" medium--i.e. a medium that constantly adapts itself in response to viewer interactions (both with the TV and with other viewers) and other data, and that is thus highly personalized, localized, targeted and relevant. Panelists will identify recent developments that appear to lend themselves to the emergence of real-time interactive TV advertising, examine the challenges in its path, and attempt to envision the impact it could have on the TV and advertising industries if it comes to fruition. Panelists include:

  • Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World
  • Michael Hudes, Executive Vice President, YuMe
  • Harvey Kent, Chief Media Strategist, DDS
  • Lori Schwartz, Chief Technology Catalyst, McCann Worldgroup (moderator)
  • Jeffrey Sherwin, President, This Technology
  • Jeff Siegel, SVP of Global Media Sales, Rovi Corp.


Schmoozing and Networking Break


Forum Room
Programming Discovery, Personalization, and the TV of Tomorrow

As the amount of programming and other video content on TV, the Web, mobiles and electronic sell-through platforms continues to increase exponentially, a broad array of solutions is emerging to help consumers find the content that interests them. While these solutions take very different approaches to programming discovery--some social media-based, others AI-based; some consumer-facing, others white-label; some presented on the TV screen, others on mobiles and tablets--they have in common the potential to change both how viewers experience TV and how programming providers present and promote their offerings to the public. Join us as we bring together industry thought-leaders in a lively debate. You'll hear their positions and points of view on programming discovery and have the chance to interact and pose questions in this super-session. We will attempt to identify the pros and cons of different approaches to programming discovery, and address such issues as: Which approaches are succeeding in which sectors of the market and why; what challenges programming guidance providers are facing in convincing OEM's and operators to buy into their respective approaches to programming guidance and discovery; the various reward strategies that social guidance solutions are employing in order to motivate viewers to provide useful recommendations; how programming discovery solutions are being used for advertising and for consumer data generation; and how the highly personalized TV experience they promise could change the nature of the television business in general. Panelists include:

  • Thiru Arunachalam, CEO, Peel
  • Sean Casey, CEO, SocialGuide
  • Thomas Dvorak, Chief Marketing Officer, Aprico
  • Brandon Eatros, CEO, Yidio
  • Yosi Glick, President and CTO, Jinni
  • Michele McGarry, VP of Business Development, ThinkAnalytics
  • Alex Vikati, Executive Director of Product Strategy and Innovation, Tribune Media Services
  • Paul Wehrley,General Manager, Clicker Media, a CBSi Company
  • Daisy Whitney, New Media Minute (moderator)


Screening Room
Envisioning Cable's Converged Future

This session will explore the various ways in which the traditionally closed cable platform is opening up--for example, by incorporating Internet-sourced/IP-based content, applications and technologies into the cable offering, by embracing distribution of that offering to emerging consumer electronics platforms such as tablets and connected TV's, and by enabling interaction between set-top boxes and mobile devices. A panel that includes representatives of companies that are developing the technologies that will allow an increasingly converged cable offering will attempt to envision how convergence will allow cable to reinvent itself, and will address such topics as: How operators can leverage the cloud to allow rich interactive content and applications on low-resource set-tops; how the convergence of cable and broadband is bringing new kinds of niche content to the cable platform; how smaller cable operators are using broadband content to remain competitive with their larger pay-TV rivals; how cable's embrace of iPad streaming will impact its relationships with its content providers; the prospects for a truly open cable API; and how the evolving relationship between the cable platform and CE devices will change the user experience of cable going forward. Panelists include:

  • Richard Bullwinkle, Chief Evangelist, Rovi
  • James Field, Director of Technology, NDS
  • Dan Hassan, Chairman and CEO, BCM
  • David Housman, CEO, Alticast Americas
  • Sean Knapp, Chief Product Officer, Ooyala
  • Vic Odryna, CEO, ZeeVee
  • David Sandford, VP and General Manager, Service Provider Business, TiVo
  • Michael Taylor, SVP Business Development, ActiveVideo Networks


Forum Room
TV in the Year 2030: Putting Television's Future in Focus

A panel of prominent futurists will predict--and debate with one another and the audience--which emerging technologies, screens, programming and advertising formats, delivery systems, and other innovations will shape television through the year 2030. They will also place their predictions for the TV of Tomorrow in the context of the world in which that TV will exist, sharing their visions of how the living room, the role entertainment and media play in consumers' lives, and even those consumers themselves, will evolve over the next 20 years. Panelists include:

  • Brian David Johnson, Futurist, Intel
  • Gary Lauder, Managing Partner, Lauder Partners
  • Paul Saffo, Managing Director of Foresight, Discern Analytics (moderator)
North America