Fastweb Launches Broadband Movie Service in Italy

-- Chili TV Offers Free Movies, Rentals, and Option to Purchase Titles

Italian telephone company Fastweb launched Chili TV, a broadband video-on-demand service offering Web surfers a combination of free movies, rentals, and titles that can be purchased. 

Featuring movies from Italian producers and several major studios, including Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures, MediaWeb said viewers can access Chili TV from any connected device. In addition to connected TVs from LG, Samsung and other CE manufacturers, the content can be viewed on smart phones, tablet computers and other devices with a broadband connection of at least 1 Mbps. 

Chili TV debuted this week with about 600 free movies. Some titles can be rented for a 48-hour period, wihle others are available to purchase. 

Chili TV said its videos are compressed in formats ranging from 700 Kbps to 8.3 Mbps, and customers can choose to watch videos in standard definition or high definition. 

Mediaweb estimates that there are more than 10 million broadband lines in Italy that exceed connection speeds of 1 Mpbs. The company is targeting 15 million smart phones in Itlay, and said analysts project 1 million tablets and 500,000 Blu-ray playes will be deployed in Italy by the end of the year.