Interactive TV News Roundup

-- GabCast.TV Turns Video Chats into Web Video Shows

-- Rovi Delivers Advertising to Connected Sony TVs

-- Roku Hits 15 Million Channel Downloads

  • Veteran TV executives Fred Silverman and Paul Wagner launched a Web video site focused on building a schedule around live video chats on topics ranging from dating to pet care. GlobeCast.TV, which debuted Monday, features channels on "college fun," "dating fun," "pets," and "live shows and auditions." More
  • Rovi Corp. said that Sony Electronics launched its advertising service on its line of broadband connected Sony Bravia TVs. In April, Rovi announced that it was beginning to test ways to sell advanced advertising on connected TVs from Samsung and other consumer electronics manufacturers. The deal with Sony expands the number of homes capable of receiving ads from Rovi. More
  • Roku, which allows users with its over-the-top video set-top to download content channels for PandoraNetflixHuluAmazon and other providers, said it has delivered more than 15 million channel downloads. Roku said that it expects to surpass more than 3 million customers by the end of the year. While Roku didn't detail which are the most popular channel downloads, it released a chart showing that much of its growth in channel downloads came after it added channels for Hulu Plus and Crackle. The company hasn't disclosed how much time its customers spend watching Web video through its set-tops, or how many channels the average customer has downloaded. 


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