t-Bone TV Building Social TV Platform

-- Anthony Rose, BBC iPlayer Developer and Former YouView CTO, Leads Startup

Anthony Rose, the man who led development of the BBC iPlayer, is building a social TV platform that owners of Apple's iPad and other "second-screen" devices can use to navigate TV. 

Rose recently founded London-based startup tBone TV, which is building software for connected TVs that will "create a new platform around what people are watching right now," the former YouView CTO said during an interview at the Connected TV Summit. 

While some social TV sites and smartphone applications such as Yahoo's IntoNow and Miso allow viewers to share viewing habits with friends through check-ins, Rose said tBone TV is focused on allowing viewers to quickly change channels with its platform. 

"Imagine I pick up my iPad, I see which of my friends are watching TV right now, and the program they're watching. I click on John," Rose said in the interview, adding that a viewer's TV would change channels after he clicks on one of his friends. "Instead of flipping through the EPG [electronic program guide], you flip through friends. It will become even easier to find something to watch," he added. 

While tBone TV appears to have a unique strategy that combines a social TV app for mobile phones with software for connected TVs, it will face stiff competition from both startup software companies and large players such as Yahoo and Facebook

Some pay TV providers are also integrating social TV apps into their navigation systems. For example, Verizon's FiOS TV is building an iPad app with a "What's Hot" feature which will allow subscribers to channel surf based on the most popular programs being watched in real-time in each of its markets. 

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