Alcatel-Lucent Rolls Online Video Analytics Service

-- AppGlide Track Free and Paid Video From Viewer's Perspective

Alcatel-Lucent is beginning to test a managed service that broadband providers could use to track how online video from YouTube, Netflix and other free and paid content providers is impacting their networks. 

The Bell Labs division said its AppGlide Video Analytics Service could help telcos, cable companies and other high-speed Internet providers reduce subscriber churn since it allows ISPs to quickly respond to issues impacting delivery quality. The company is looking to trial the cloud-based service soon with broadband providers. 

Alcatel-Lucent said AppGlide combines data from video player plug-ins, quality of experience (QoE) agents, content-delivery network devices and routers. In addition to detailing the volume and quality of video being delivered, the service tracks what content viewers are watching, how long they watch an online video, and why they may have stopped watching a video. More

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