BlackArrow Powers Mid-Roll VOD Ads

-- Advanced Advertising Vendor Enables Interoperability with Third-Party Ad Systems

Advanced advertising technology vendor BlackArrow upgraded its ad-insertion platform, giving cable MSOs the ability to insert mid-roll ads in video-on-demand programs. 

In addition to supporting mid-roll ads, BlackArrow said its new platform gives service providers greater control over trick-modes, including a way to disable the fast-forward function for programmers that don't want subscribers skipping commercials. BlackArrow said it will also support third-party advertising systems. 

Supplying cable operators with technology that allows them to insert ads in the middle of free VOD programs from networks such Fox and NBC may not seem significant, considering Hulu and several other Internet video providers have been selling mid-roll ads for years. But many cable MSOs that offer free, ad-supported VOD programming only insert pre-roll ads. Giving pay TV providers the ability to insert mid-roll ads could draw more programmers to cable VOD platforms. 

BlackArrow said programmers will also be able to use its VOD ad-insertion technology to use a single ad asset for both static and dynamic VOD distribution, and to swap out ad copy, ad creative, ad loads and other parameters without having to re-encode the assets. More

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