Media Heavyweights Back Fanhattan

-- Startup's iPad App Integrates Content from Netflix, Hulu, iTunes

Several media and technology industry veterans are teaming up to back Fanhattan, a San Mateo, Calif.-based digital startup that has developed an iPad app that integrates content from Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, ABC and other online video services. 

Fanhattan's board includes investor Jarl Mohn, who is the former CEO of E! Entertainment Television and Liberty Digital. TiVo founder Mike Ramsay also sits on the board, and Fanhattan's executive team includes veterans of top consulting firm McKinsey and Company, IBM, Best Buy, Yahoo, MGM and eBay

While the only product Fanhattan has on the market today is a free app for the iPad, the company says it is also developing apps for connected TVs, in addition to a Web-based entertainment database. 

Fanhattan could also build its own set-top to deliver streaming video to TVs. It has developed a reference design for a streaming device that could compete with over-the-top video boxes from companies like Boxee, Apple TV, and Roku, GigaOm reported. 

Fanhattan said wants to encourage "user exploration and discovery." In addition to integrating reviews from Metacritic and Rotten tomatoes, it displays options for how users can buy DVDs for a TV series or movie, and purchase fan gear from More


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