Cable Industry Pushes Interactive Ads for VOD Programming

-- CableLabs Demonstrates Technology from 11 Suppliers at Interoperability Lab Event

U.S. cable operators may be ready to add interactive advertising to video-on-demand programming, based on the results of interoperability tests that CableLabs held recently in Colorado. 

Among the interactive features CableLabs and 11 technology suppliers demonstrated at its Interoperability Lab event was the ability to run interactive applications within VOD content, including a VOD server playing an ad with a RFI (request for information) application. 

CableLabs said the event also demonstrated the integration of the Advertising Digital Identification (Ad-ID) advertising asset identifier from the American Association of Advertising Agencies and metadata within an architecture based on the SCTE 130 standard. Participants demonstrated other SCTE-130 components, including subscriber information services and placement opportunity information services.

Cable companies and technology suppliers that participated in the interoperability event, which ran May 23-27,  included Ad-ID, Arris, Avail TVN, Canoe Ventures, Ericsson, Harris Corp., Nielsen, Sigma Systems, S&T, This Technology and Unisoft. CableLabs said it plans to hold additional interoperability events. More 

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