Interactive TV News Round-Up (IV): Motorola, NDS, Nagra, This Technology

--Motorola Televation Device Enables In-Home Streaming of Live TV to Connected Devices
--NDS Announces Exhibit Plans for Cable Show
--Nagra, This Technology to Demo Multiscreen Advertising Solution at Cable Show

Due to the large volume of news being generated this week by the Cable Show, we are covering today's stories in abbreviated round-up/summary form:

  • Motorola Mobility has unveiled Motorola Televation, a broadband device that works with a WiFi router to allow consumers to watch live TV on connected devices in their home. "Televation employs a 1GHz digital tuner and CableCard to access broadcast TV channels directly from a coax outlet," the company explains in its press materials. "The device has a high-performance transcoder that translates programming in real time from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4, as well as changing resolution and bit rate to match the capabilities of the consumer's viewing device while maintaining excellent picture quality. The device has an Ethernet jack to plug directly into the home WiFi router so the TV show can be wirelessly streamed over IP to any device connected to the home network. To keep the programming secure while it is being streamed, and to preserve the digital rights associated with the program, Televation utilizes Motorola's SecureMedia IPRM-HN technology. IPRM-HN has been approved by both CableLabs and the DTLA (Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator), giving content owners peace of mind that their valuable asset remains safe. Motorola provides Software Development Kits (SDK's) for both Android and iOS development environments, so customers can easily develop client applications that enable the subscriber to navigate, discover and select the show they want to watch. Motorola also provides a reference client application for tablet devices that can be easily branded, giving customers an alternative to developing their own application. Motorola worked closely with engineers at Comcast Innovation Labs to develop Televation."
  • NDS has announced its exhibit plans for the Cable Show (in Executive Suite 26 and in the CableNET exhibit), which among other things will see it showcasing NDS Snowflake, winner of a 2011 [itvt] Award for Leadership in Interactive and Multiplatform Television.
  • Nagra and This Technology have announced plans to demo the integration of Nagra's OpenTV advertising technology with This Technology's dynamic advertising solutions at the Cable Show's CableNET exhibit. According to the companies, the demo will show how cable operators can "leverage multiscreen advertising opportunities using interfaces defined in the SCTE-130 advanced advertising standard...The demonstration will use Nagra's OpenTV Participate product, integrated with This Technology's SpotBuilder and SpotLink service," the companies' press materials continue. "It will show how a non-linear video stream containing a 30-second spot can provide a synchronized advertising experience on a second-screen device, if the rules established by the content owner for the ad inventory permit. The device will contain a 'leave behind' ad experience that will survive until the next ad is played. Not only does the viewer benefit from richer and deeper relevant advertising, but the programmer and operator are enabled to share in the revenue opportunity. This Technology's SpotBuilder will provide rules and a view of the extensible inventory in the stream, with the ability to dynamically control whether interactive ads appear on one or both screens. Additionally, This Technology will unveil the OpenTV Participate plug-in for Spotlink, This Technology's open bridge for SCTE-130 and programmer broadband ad servers. The OpenTV Participate plug-in for SpotLink will deliver both decisions for video ads and the corresponding secondary interactive ad if the placement opportunity allows. All opportunities and decisions will be provided by SCTE-130 interfaces."
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