Interactive TV News Round-Up (IV): Motorola, Time Warner Cable, Nielsen, Pace

--Motorola Mobility Teams with Time Warner Cable on Video Gateway Platform
--Nielsen: Americans Watching More Video--Both on TV and Alternative Platforms
--Pace's App Cafe Platform Now Available for Deployment in US, Canada and Latin America

Due to the large volume of news being generated this week by the Cable Show, we are covering today's stories in abbreviated round-up/summary form:

  • Motorola Mobility has announced that it has been collaborating with Time Warner Cable to develop an advanced video gateway platform, dubbed the DCX3600M. According to Motorola, the new video gateway, which it is demo'ing in its Cable Show booth (609) this week, "includes built-in transcoding capabilities, allowing it to take QAM MPEG-2 services and transcode to MPEG-4 for delivery to mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, over the home network. The DCX3600M also provides operators with the flexibility to deliver a mixture of QAM and IP services," the company's press materials continue. "The device can tune up to six QAM services simultaneously, or it can access IP services delivered directly over DOCSIS. Motorola's DCX3600M Video Gateway creates an IP home network without having to install new wiring and allows for the seamless sharing of content with other compatible devices in the home." The device also serves as "a high-speed multimedia hub for the home, enabling content viewing in various formats and on multiple devices more easily," Motorola says. "The migration of our network and in-home video services to IP represents an important shift as we look to provide our consumers with the most compelling user experience possible and we are excited to collaborate with Motorola in the area of video gateways," Mike Hayashi, Time Warner Cable's EVP of architecture, development and engineering, said in a prepared statement. "These types of platforms will offer our customers greater flexibility when accessing our premium services."
  • Nielsen has just published its "Cross-Platform Report" on video watching, which it says has found that Americans "are spending more time watching video content on traditional TV's, mobile devices and the Internet than ever before." Among the report's findings: 1) "Overall TV viewership increased 22 minutes per month per person over last year, remaining the dominant source of video content for all demographics." 2) "Consumers are willing to pay for high-quality TV content, with broadcast-only homes less than a tenth of US TV households." 3) "Though still accounting for just a handful of hours per month, mobile video viewing continues to see marked gains, increasing 41 percent over last year and more than 100 percent since 2009." 4) "Timeshifted TV continues to grow, both in the penetration of DVR devices in the home and the time spent." 5) "Internet video streaming also saw increases in time spent"; according to Nielsen, "this behavior is the highest among a younger and diverse subset of the population."
  • Pace has announced that its App Cafe platform, which is designed to provide cable customers with access to Web-based applications via their set-top box (note: for more on the platform, see the articles published on, August 18th and September 13th), is now ready for deployment throughout the Americas. The company is demo'ing the platform this week at the Cable Show (booth 649). According to Pace, App Cafe "offers applications in a storefront format for subscribers to download directly to their set-top boxes, enhancing their entertainment experience and solidifying the service provider's position at the heart of the home. Pace App Cafe enables pay-TV operators to offer a range of social networking, gaming and video-on-demand (VOD) applications," the company's press materials continue. "In addition, the company has worked with Web-based TV technology platform, Clearleap, to offer IP-based video services delivered through customizable, white-labeled applications. This provides operators with a cost-effective method of delivering unlimited hours of on-demand content to consumers over the high-speed data path. Pace has also partnered with Universal Electronics to integrate its UEI Velocity remote control with QWERTY keyboard and UEI QuickSearch remote control set-up application, enhancing the usability and navigation of the App Cafe and applications." Services provided by App Cafe, according to Pace, include 1) popular social networking services; 2) Internet radio and music; 3) online photo and video sharing; 4) weather info; 5) personal finance services; 6) sports scores; and 7) operator service and support. Pace says that App Cafe can be customized with an operator's branding, and also allows operators to build custom applications. "Operators will have administrative control over the available applications in their library, which they can then package as part of their existing service or make them an additional offering," Pace's press materials continue. "The applications can pull their data feed from any Internet connection in the home or from the DOCSIS modems embedded in nearly all Pace set-top boxes. The onscreen presentation of each application is designed to work alongside the existing electronic program guide and VOD applications. Many of the applications have the ability to coexist with live or recorded television programming, so subscribers can get constant, real-time information updates while watching television. The Pace App Cafe is based on Pace's Engineware software platform and is underpinned by a standards-based Flash Lite Engine and published Software Development Kit (SDK)."
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