Interactive TV News Round-Up (III): Comcast, Starz, Burger King, CP+B, DirecTV, Canoe, MSA

--Report: Comcast to Begin Testing RS-DVR Later This Year or Early Next Year
--Comcast Ups the Amount of Starz Content on its VOD Platform
--Burger King Interactive TV Campaign Lets DirecTV Customers Watch Hamburger to Win Coupons
--MSA's Media Software to Automate Sale of Canoe Ventures' Interactive TV Solutions

Due to the large volume of news being generated this week by the Cable Show, we are covering today's stories in abbreviated round-up/summary form:

  • Comcast plans to begin testing a Remote Storage DVR (RS-DVR) service in certain as-yet-to-be-determined markets later this year or early next year, CTO Tony Werner told the Bloomberg news service at the Cable Show, Tuesday. "We like the idea of a cloud DVR because you can virtually service your customers," Werner said. "We'll start to roll it out, see what the response is, and go from there."
  • In other Comcast news: The company has more than tripled the amount of content on its VOD platform from Starz Entertainment's Starz, Encore and MoviePlex premium programming services, according to a report by Todd Spangler in Multichannel news. The number of SD Starz titles on the service has increased from 325 to 800, and the number of HD Starz titles has increased from 80 to 520.
  • Advertising agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky has created an unusual interactive TV ad campaign, entitled "Whopper Lust," for Burger King: the campaign is currently running on DirecTV's Channel 111. Viewers who tune into the channel and access the show "Whopper Lust--Get Free Whopper Sandwiches" are presented with video of the eponymous hamburger on a slowly spinning grill. If they watch the video for five minutes, they receive a coupon for one Whopper sandwich, and if they are willing to watch even longer, they have the opportunity to double-or-nothing or triple-or-nothing their prize. In order to ensure that viewers are actually watching the video, they are prompted at random intervals to press various buttons on their remote controls. According to CP+B, over 50,000 whoppers have been won by DirecTV viewers so far this week. (h/t AgencySpy)
  • Canoe Ventures and Management Science Associates (MSA), a company that bills itself as "an international leader in the field of information science, specializing in the development and application of new methods for the analysis, management and automation of information," have announced that MSA's broadcast and cable media software will automate the sale of Canoe's interactive TV solutions. "It's really exciting to see the momentum for national interactive television in the US steadily build," Canoe Ventures CEO, David Verklin, said in a prepared statement. "MSA's support for the sales of Canoe's ITV solutions via their broadcast and cable media solutions software is another major step forward in making ITV a mainstream part of the television business. Canoe is committed to introducing advanced television solutions that are easy for programming networks to sell and simple for agencies and advertisers to buy. MSA is an international market leader; their creation of easy-to-use and intuitive Canoe functionality within their buy management systems demonstrates just how far advanced TV solutions like Canoe have already come."
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