Interactive TV News Round-Up (I): ADB, Antik, Griffin Technology, Dijit Media

--ADB Delivering its Commercial Video Solution to Charter Communications
--Antik Launches "End-to-End IPTV Outsourcing Solution for OTT Video"
--Beacon Device Transforms iOS Devices into Universal Remotes

Due to the large volume of news being generated this week by the Cable Show, we are covering today's stories in abbreviated round-up/summary form:

  • ADB has announced that it is delivering its Commercial Video Solution to Charter Communications (note: it says that it began shipping equipment to the MSO last month). "ADB's Commercial Video Solution plays a role in Charter's plan to enhance hotels' video entertainment services with the latest in-room video solutions, including a full range of high-definition channels, video-on-demand, pay-per-view, and concierge services," ADB states in its press materials. "Charter will also make ADB's video solution available to other commercial venues. Running on ADB's award-winning set-back boxes, it works in tru2Way or legacy networks, and supports both digital and analog environments, alongside broadband services."
  • Slovakia-based Antik Technology has launched what it bills as a "scalable, end-to-end IPTV outsourcing solution for OTT video." According to the company, the "Juice" IPTV solution allows service providers to "offer IPTV service delivered over public Internet to their customers without building the technology by themselves--by just renting it. The solution consists of several elements," Antik's press materials continue. "Content streams from the source (satellite, DVB-T/C or IP) through the Content Acquisition Stations built by Antik throughout the world and is transcoded by Juice Ember Transcoders. Content Delivery Network is built on robust Master servers at major global locations complemented with Slave (distribution) stream servers spread over the regions where subscribers live. Thanks to the segment streaming and buffering, the system enables high-quality multimedia content delivery to subscribers even when last-mile network bandwidth is limited. The IPTV content can be viewed on a variety of devices, such as a TV connected to a set-top box, on a mobile device technology or a PC running a virtual set-top box. The Central Management Station serves for simple channel and package management, billing integration, STB and archive management, as well as VOD, nPVR/PVR, Mosaic and EPG control."
  • Griffin Technology and Dijit Media have launched the Beacon Universal Remote Control System, a wireless AV controller that transforms iOS devices into universal remotes. Key features of the $79.99 Beacon device, according to the companies, include: "1) Converts Bluetooth signals from iOS device into infrared signals required to control AV components. 2) Connects compatible iOS device via Bluetooth with Dijit's free Universal Remote App. 3) iOS device's MultiTouch screen display becomes the remote with Dijit's Intuitive Program Guide, allowing users to change channels, volume, input, program DVR and much more. 4) Dijit App uses a constantly updated device code library to make setting up controls for TV, set-top box, sound system, media player and more, simple and intuitive. 5) For components not yet included in Dijit's library, the App also includes an integrated learning feature."
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