Interactive TV News Round-Up (V): Red Bee Media, Cisco, 24/7 Real Media, Akamai, Samsung

--Red Bee Media Teams with Cisco, 24/7 Real Media, Akamai to Launch Online Video Platform
--Samsung Says it has Sold over 2 Million Smart TV's in Three Months
--Samsung Teams with University of California, San Diego to Bring Smell to Television

Due to the large volume of news generated over the past few days, we are covering today's stories in abbreviated round-up/summary form:

  • Broadcast services company, Red Bee Media, has partnered with Cisco, 24/7 Real Media and Akamai to launch an online video platform dubbed the RedPlayer that is targeted at broadcasters and networks and that provides a range of social media features. The company "has developed RedPlayer to introduce to market an enhanced online video platform, and to become an end-to-end provider of video management and distribution," it states in its press materials. "RedPlayer has been created in response to a growing demand for broadcast-quality online video platforms that offer a secure and quality player service that can be monetized--a requirement fuelled by the advent of connected TV and growth in consumption of video across multiple devices. Key features of RedPlayer include: a higher quality of image and smoother playback; sophisticated security using the latest digital rights management (DRM) platforms; integration of live content with intelligent EPG that links past, present and future programming in a personalized manner; and fast availability of programs available online immediately after linear transmission. Additionally, RedPlayer enables businesses to profit from the growing online video market by offering flexible options for multiple purchase types including subscription, download-to-own, rental and capped or uncapped library access, using Cisco Videoscape Media technology. These options sit alongside dynamic and targeted advertising capabilities." According to an article in The Guardian, UK terrestrial broadcaster, Channel 4, is in talks with Red Bee Media about using the new RedPlayer platform.
  • In a posting on its blog, Samsung has announced that it has already sold over 2 million of its Smart TV's (which are equipped with the company's Smart Hub platform) within three months of that product's launch. Approximately 730,000 models were sold in North America, 710,000 in Europe, 270,000 in South East Asia, and 170,000 in the Middle East and Africa, the company says. (h/t HDTVtest)
  • In other Samsung news: The company has collaborated with the University of California, San Diego, to develop a small device, dubbed an "olfactory factory," that could enable TV sets to distribute smells alongside video and sound. The device is described in an article, entitled "An X-Y Addressable Matrix Odor-Releasing System Using an On-Off Switchable Device," published in the journal, Angewandte Chemie. "Using a novel polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) elastomer-based device, the switchable release of specific gases is demonstrated," an abstract of the article explains. "Heating elements trigger the gas release by warming the gas containing capsule (see scheme). The release can be switched on and off by repeated thermal cycles. An X–Y addressable matrix of such capsules results in an odor-releasing system for multiple odors for virtual-reality applications."
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