LongTail Video Launches LongTail.tv

--Includes Cloud-Based Version of Company's JW Player, Access to "Media Gallery," Monetization through Advertising

Online video platform provider, LongTail Video (note: the company is best known for its JW Player, which it claims is active on over 1.5 million Web sites), on Tuesday announced the public beta release of LongTail.tv, which it says provides users with a free, cloud-based version of the JW Player and has been in private beta with over 300 publishers for more than a month. The company is also launching Media Gallery, a video content library which it claims will allow publishers to generate revenue from advertising while delivering high-quality content to their users. With LongTail.tv, the company says, publishers can customize and embed the JW Player, add content from their own video library or from the LongTail Media Gallery, and earn money via advertising delivered from LongTail Video's premium content providers.

According to LongTail Video, publishers can customize and embed the JW Player through a simple configuration wizard. The company says that the cloud-based version of the player offers all the benefits of the existing version, including playback in Flash and HTML5 video mode. It says that the Media Gallery offers "millions" of video titles from premium syndication partners, such as AOL's 5min Media (note: publishers can also access YouTube's entire video library, LongTail claims). "Our goal as a company has been to make it simple and cost-effective for publishers to put quality, audience-building and revenue-generating video on their sites," LongTail Video co-founder and CEO, Dave Otten, said in a prepared statement. "With LongTail.tv, we have taken a major step forward in achieving that goal for the million-plus publishers that use our products. LongTail.tv solves three problems facing our customers. First, it dramatically simplifies the process by which users can go live with the JW Player. With only a few clicks, users can customize and embed the JW Player for playback on any device. This is a big deal for customers who have less technical know-how. Second, it provides users in search of video titles with a straightforward way to access and publish a variety of premium content via our gallery. And third, it offers publishers with a clear economic model where they can generate revenue from video they stream on their sites."

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