SeaChange to Integrate Civolution's Watermarking Technology into its VOD Solutions

--Companies Say Integration Will Facilitate Launch of Early-Window VOD Services

Multiscreen video software company, SeaChange International, and Civolution, a provider of technologies for identifying media content, have signed an integration and distribution deal that will see SeaChange incorporating Civolution's NexGuard watermarking technology for premium VOD into its widely deployed VOD platform. The companies say that such technology is "critical" for cable operators that are seeking to convince studios to grant access to content for "Home Premiere" VOD services (i.e. "early-window" VOD services that make content available to consumers prior to its DVD or Blu-ray release). "Our partnership accelerates time-to-market for cable MSO's that want to launch premium VOD services with early-release content from Hollywood studios," Paul de Bot, SeaChange's general manager of backoffice and monetization, said in a prepared statement. "By working with Civolution, a leader in forensic watermarking for Hollywood digital movie content, we offer a safe choice for our customers who are increasingly requesting SeaChange to provide watermarking technology as part of its solutions offering."

According to Civolution, the NexGuard application for cable VOD includes a content pre-processing phase that ensures ease of integration, scalability and high performance for streaming in MPEG-2 or H.264. This pre-processing is available either as a plug-in for transcoders or as a transparent, standalone application that can pre-process content already prepared for cable distribution, the company says. Civolution claims that NexGuard is designed to be compatible with any streaming server and with all CAS and DRM encryption systems: the watermark embedding itself is performed on a per-VOD transaction basis upon streaming the content to the viewer by SeaChange or third-party VOD servers. The company also says that watermark detection from pirate video samples--available through its Web-based, automated NexGuard Detection Service--allows content rights owners to quickly identify the source of piracy in instances of content theft. Civolution VOD watermarks can be automatically detected without the need for original content, the company says. "[NexGuard] is proven and meets the studios' requirements for Home Premiere content, released ahead of DVD and Blu-ray Disc," Civolution CEO, Alex Terpstra, said in a prepared statement. "The combined solution will help SeaChange customers worldwide to launch attractive new services in their existing or new VOD platforms for cable and TV Everywhere."

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