MOVL to Launch "Pokerfun" App for Google TV

PokerFun Teaser

--Company's Platform Enables User Experiences that Play Out between Smartphones and Connected TV's

MOVL--an application-development company that specializes in developing apps that provide a user experience that plays out between iOS or Android smartphones and connected TV's (note: earlier this year, the company's "WeDraw" app, which enables a game in which a player draws a picture on their smartphone while other players guess what that picture is, based on what appears on the TV, won Samsung's Free the TV connected-TV app development contest--see the article published on, January 17th)--is set to launch an app called "Pokerfun" in Google TV's Spotlight Gallery.

A dedicated Web site that MOVL has set up for the new app, describes it as follows: "PokerFun is a social twist on the classic No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker game. You can play by yourself, with friends around your TV or with friends all around the world. Watch the game unfold on the TV screen as you make all your plays from your mobile device. Dealers, swipe your mobile device to deal the cards. Ante up and place your bets, players. Customize your avatar and chat at the table. You control the game from your mobile device. The last player left standing is the PokerFun winner." The site also explains how to use the app: "Install PokerFun on your mobile device and connect to the TV app from any connected TV or from the Internet. From the TV you can start a poker table room with customized settings. Once you create a room, a room code will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Give this code to friends and they can join your game from any connected TV or from their computer from any location. You can also join a friend's room by selecting 'join' from the TV app and entering their room code. Next log-in on your smart device and enter the four-digit room code to connect to the game. When the game starts, it's No Limit Texas Hold'em time. You make all your moves from your mobile device."

In an interview with NewTeeVee's Janko Roettgers, MOVL CTO Alan Queen explained that the company's casual gaming apps are primarily designed to showcase its platform (which also enables interactive/social TV experiences to be shared by users on different networks and in different locations), and that it is mulling licensing the platform to third-party Google TV app developers.

A demo video of PokerFun is embedded above.

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