"Programming Discovery, Personalization, and the TV of Tomorrow" at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2011

Programming Discovery, Personalization, and the TV of Tomorrow

[itvt] is pleased to present a video of "Programming Discovery, Personalization, and the TV of Tomorrow," a panel session at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2011 (took place May 17th-18th in San Francisco). The panelists for the session were:

  • Sean Casey, CEO, SocialGuide
  • Thomas Dvorak, Chief Marketing Officer, Aprico
  • Brandon Eatros, CEO, Yidio
  • Yosi Glick, President and CEO, Jinni
  • Michele McGarry, VP of Business Development, ThinkAnalytics
  • Alex Vikati, Executive Director of Product Strategy and Innovation, Tribune Media Services
  • Paul Wehrley, COO, Clicker Media
  • Daisy Whitney, New Media Minute (Moderator)

The session was described in the TVOT 2011 brochure as follows:

"As the amount of programming and other video content on TV, the Web, mobiles and electronic sell-through platforms continues to increase exponentially, a broad array of solutions is emerging to help consumers find the content that interests them. While these solutions take very different approaches to programming discovery--some social media-based, others AI-based; some consumer-facing, others white-label; some presented on the TV screen, others on mobiles and tablets--they have in common the potential to change both how viewers experience TV and how programming providers present and promote their offerings to the public. Join us as we bring together industry thought-leaders in a lively debate. You'll hear their positions and points of view on programming discovery and have the chance to interact and pose questions in this super-session. We will attempt to identify the pros and cons of different approaches to programming discovery, and address such issues as: Which approaches are succeeding in which sectors of the market and why; what challenges programming guidance providers are facing in convincing OEM's and operators to buy into their respective approaches to programming guidance and discovery; the various reward strategies that social guidance solutions are employing in order to motivate viewers to provide useful recommendations; how programming discovery solutions are being used for advertising and for consumer data generation; and how the highly personalized TV experience they promise could change the nature of the television business in general."

North America